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Our Mission Statement since 1989: To bring out the best physically, mentally, and spiritually in our students and in ourselves in the long term through the martial arts.

Nov 11, 2020

Pankration / Mixed Martial Arts MMA

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Nov 11, 2020

Muay Thai Kickboxing

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Nov 11, 2020

Submission Wrestling

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  • Lenin Viteri

    I'm really grateful with Sensei Simon, Adam, George, Costand all teammates at Posener's Pankration/MMA gym. As an amateur fighter looking for improving my skills and chances to fight in important events, this place developed even more my confidence, mental discipline, and martial art spirit. Also, I could understand how important the details in fundamental techniques are.

    Besides, as a new immigrant that arrived in Vancouver with language and culture struggles, I could find amazing friends and great environment where quickly I adapted myself to continue with my dreams.

    Once again, Thanks to Sensei Simon for supporting me and moving me on to the next level. Now I can add to my trainings, meditation, visualization, and creativity.

    Nowadays, I keep moving on and focused on the Warrior's Path. OSU!

    Thanks a lot Sensei! You totally changed my game. I felt so smart, technical and strong to beat my opponent. OSU!!! God Bless you

    Getting into the cage as a POSENER’S warrior

  • Anthony Wong

    I joined Posener's Pankration post pandemic and significantly improved my skills from their more MMA oriented instruction. Their techniques are battle tested by champion instructors who have or are currently fighting. You're taught in a linear approach so if you're a beginner, you keep doing the first part of a technique before attempting the later more advanced parts. This helps students of varying skill levels eventually level out to being able to perform the full technique.

    After training here for about a year, I've lost about twenty pounds and won a gold medal in competition through supplementing regular training with privates with Adam Posener. I have more confidence in my striking and grappling during sparring sessions.

    This isn't just a gym for competitors. The strength and conditioning kickboxing classes are filled with students who are looking for a hard workout to get in shape. There are kids classes if you're a parent looking to teach your child useful skills, resilience, and maturity. The training environment is friendly and supportive. You'll feel like a part of a community very soon upon joining.

  • Ron Chu

    Thanks to Simon and his team at Poseners Pankration. I was able to lose 40 lbs by attending his muay thai and mma classes combined with a change in my eating habits. The journey began after my neck and shoulders were healed enough to allow me to exercise regularly. Simon always kept my injuries in mind and gave me factual and informative advice based on his knowledge and experience. Classes are fun and challenging and the instructors are knowledgeable and always willing to help. I feel better both mentally and physically and have been able to maintain my current weight. My quality of life has changed for the better and I enjoy learning self defense in the process. Who could ask for more. Thanks Simon! OSU!

  • Alex Gee

    My son has been in Martial Arts since he was 5 years old and was never fully satisfied with training at different Dojo's.

    We moved him to Posener's Pankration/MMA back in November 2021 and he's loving every minute training with Simon. We have seen huge improvements in our son's health, conditioning, confidence, etc.

    Simon is great with kids. It shows when our son tells us that Simon is the best instructor he's had so far!

    We highly recommend Posener's Pankration/MMA!

  • Lorenzo Costantino

    Our son has been in the program for 8 years starting at the age of 6. It is always difficult trusting your children with others, particularly in such a physical sport. Sensei Simon and the coaching staff have been top shelf. The teachings are high level and train the students in ALL aspects of Mixed Martial Arts. They push the students to apply what they have learned, not just going through the motions. But more importantly, teachings about self-awareness, conduct, discipline, and respect abound in the student's growth. These teachings carry the students in all aspects of their life. We have fully placed our trust in Sensei Simon and the coaching staff, and in return, they have helped our son develop into the confident, humble young man he is becoming.

  • Marcus Xiong

    I fully enrolled my pre-K son long-term at Posener's MMA after just the first day of the free week trial.

    My son, who isn't even in Kindergarten yet, has been here less than a month, going every day where a class is available (3 per week currently).
    He is a good, positive, kid with high energy, too much even.

    I was concerned with how he'd behave once he got into Kindergarten coming from daycare, where there are many more children, and supervised by just one adult, compared to his current daily daycare (1 adult per 4 kids).
    He's been in many other extracurricular programs for kids (various sports, language/education, dance/music, etc), and he's usually the most disruptive one, playing and doing his own thing rather than following instruction, to the point where for some programs, we've been politely asked not to re-enroll.

    We decided to try martial arts, and found Posener's MMA nearby (no prior affiliation or recommendations given).

    At Posener's, the owner/instructors have a long history of being in business, and working with/training students from a young age, this was important to me.

    Also, there are much older kids in the class, with my son being by far the youngest, and my son is unable to entice them to childish/disruptive behavior.

    My son is encouraged to have self-control and self-discipline just like the older kids.
    He is disciplined for acting/speaking out of turn (a few pushups).
    He is treated with respect and patience and is expected to return it.
    In such a short time, he is behaving much better, following instruction, and is being made more aware and mindful of his surroundings in a public/social setting.

    The results so far are amazing!

    He's also learning valuable, martial arts skills from credible instructors.

    I came in with no expectations, just possibilities, and I already have results.

    I highly recommend Posener's Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai.
  • Rob Acton Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Rob Acton

    I look back at the days spent at Posener's Pankration (over 10yrs) as one of the best time periods of my life. Simon was my instructor, a mentor, spiritual leader, and a great friend. His teaching and guidance helped shaped into the man, husband, and father I am today.

    The principals and philosophies I learned under his tutelage are invaluable in life. I use those skills, lessons every day, and teach those valves to my children. The results are evident in their success in life so far, they are excelling in martial arts, academically, they are confident, driven, and are respectful towards others.

  • R.J. Stepanek Review About Posener's Pankration School


    I'm a middle aged man who decided to start training in Muay Thai about 3 years ago. I wanted to find a school that focused on the mental and spiritual side as well as the physical skills. Posener's Pankration offered a free trial so I jumped at the chance. I was immediately impressed. I've been able to continue to achieve my goals of getting into better shape, mental focus, and feeling more confident in myself. It has not always been easy but I embraced the challenge. Recently, I was involved in a road rage incident and assaulted with a weapon. I was on my way home when I noticed someone driving erratically and aggressively behind me. This led to them almost hitting my vehicle. Luckily I stopped just in time to avoid a collision. We both got out of our vehicles and instead of having a discussion the individual attempted to physically assault me. I believe from this point on it was my training at Posener's Pankration that helped me survive the event.

  • Isabelle Guay Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Isabelle Guay

    In early 2017, my husband Sheldon and I were looking for a martial arts studio for our 6 year old daughter to practice as we felt she needed to gain confidence. After looking at different dojos, Sheldon decided to give Poseners kids program a try as he had trained there 20 years prior and had good memories of it.

    At that time, I had been on and off working out myself and finding it very difficult to stick to anything other than running. After a couple of months watching Sharlie train as a white belt, I was inspired and felt like it was time for me to get back in shape so decided to try the Cardio Muay Thai class for adults. Since I had a little bit of boxing experience from my fitness background, I managed to pick up the pace fairly quickly and got hooked immediately. Kickboxing had always been something I love doing as an instructor and this was a level up taught by pros, which was amazing to me.

    Now almost 3 years later, not only I get to share this experience with my daughter (even though she is advancing faster than I am!), I am back at working out weekly something I had been struggling with since I became a mother. The family and friendly environment really makes it enjoyable for all of us.

    A big thank you to Simon, George, Costa, Andrew, Heidi and Ed.


  • Tabitha Tam Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Tabitha Tam

    The art of Zezen, literally means “seated meditation”. The mind, body and spirit is all one. With clear thought comes peace and calmness.

    My child has attended Poseners for aboout 3 years’, initially she was a bundle of chaos mentally, and a raging ball energy physically. It would been easier to catch a charging bull barehanded than to have her sit down, stay quiet and listen to instructions.

    At the beginning and end of each class, be it youth or adult, there is a moment of zezen, this is bring inner peace and calmness. The individual sits on their feet, hands on their thighs, closes thier eyes and breathes deep.

    At the last tournament of August 2018, she was called to the mat and asked to wait for her opponent. To our surprise, she sat in Zezen and waited for about 3 minutes till her opponent showed. After winning her tournament, we asked what she was doing before the match. Her reply; I was relaxing and visualizing my match.

    Thanks to Sensei Simons’ (and staff) patience and time invested, our child is now more patient than ever, listens to her parents instructions, agrees without much whining (can’t get away with all whining) and overall a more mature child.

    Thank you to Poseners and their instructors.

  • Neil Dooks Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Neil Dooks

    Since attending the CMT class, I’ve found my cardio definitely improving as well as my flexibility, focus and ignoring the pain that comes with the exertion of rigorous drills and cardio exercise and feeling a true sense of accomplishment. Being one of the oldest members of the class, I can appreciate the stretching before and after the class. So if you’re looking for an excellent workout, comaradery, and technical skills, try the CMT class.

    In closing, Sensai Simon Posener definitely looks out for your best interest..with a willing ear for any cares, concerns or questions you may have, he wants you to learn, improve, have consistent attendance and just have fun with whatever your Martial Arts goals are.

    Give Poseners Pankration a try!

  • Gav S New Police Recruit Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Gav S New Police Recruit

    First of all I would like to thank Sensei Simon for being such a great positive role model. Secondly I would like to thank all of the instructors for taking the time to teach such technical and hard-working classes. And lastly the amazing students who attend Poseners Pankration for always taking the time to punch me in the head to remind me to keep my guard up. If it was not for coming to all of the great classes, learning all the defensive/offensive techniques and listening to Sensei Simon talk about continuous self improvement. I can honestly say I would never have had the confidence to apply and get accepted as a Police Officer, if I had never began training at this gym. Everyone at the gym has been a great motivation to me and saying thanks doesn’t seem like enough, but for now that’s all I can do Stay motivated, stay hungry and continue pursing your dreams, OSU!

    Thank you Gav S. We will not post any pictures to ensure anonymity for future undercover operations. We honor your choices and greatly respect what you do to benefit the community.

  • Abramo Terribile Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Abramo Terribile

    My name is Abramo Terribile. I am 53 years old and I am currently enrolled in Posener’s Pankration Muay Thai Kickboxing/Cardio.

    It is an awesome program and much more than just a cardio class. It’s a fun, high-intensity program that gives you MMA skills with satisfying results. Thanks to this program – and some dietary adjustments – I have lost 25 pounds in the past year, going from 208lbs to 183lbs. This program has given me energy, focus and great inner-strength. The Posener team instructors are highly skilled and push you to your maximum ability. They are committed to you and want to see you progress to your next level. Overall, the staff is very friendly and treat you with respect. I am glad I joined Posener’s. Sensei Simon Posener runs a great team and he takes pride in teaching this world class sport.
    I would like to thank Sensei Simon Posener and his team for doing an amazing job and helping me reach my goals.

    Thank you Abramo Terribile! It is a honor and a pleasure to teach, help, train together.

  • Guillermo Garcia Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Guillermo Garcia

    I joined Posener’s Pankration on January 2017, my main reason was to improve my health, since I was diagnosed with borderline cholesterol levels and had early symptoms of pre-diabetes. Doctors told me to change my diet and start a cardio program. I used to practice martial arts many years back and always wanted to practice them again, that’s when I approached Posener’s pankration, I wasn’t really sure but I gave it a try.

    Simon nicely greeted me and after hearing my situation suggested to try Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing, I took his advice and have been practicing for 7 months. After 4 months and some changes to my diet I was able to improve my blood levels which motivated me to continue exercising and choosing healthy foods.

    I also enjoy attending classes because of the respect I have for Simon, he is a man with a warm soul, he does not make you feel as a source of income but rather as a human being willing to improve as a person, you can feel the passion he pours on his academy, the walls around the building proudly show the long history and respect he has for his trade.

    I am happy I decided to pay a visit to Simon’s academy and I am looking forward to continue improving my health and sharing valuable time with all the staff members and students.

  • Anthony KronshageReview About Posener's Pankration School

    Anthony Kronshage

    Here is the little write up for Anthony Kronshage,

    One of my clients, Anthony Kronshage, 30 years old. We met Jan.4 2016 with a starting weight of 335lbs! That was 15 months ago. We are now down to 215lbs!!! That’s 120lbs in just over a year (April 2017). He started with me doing 2 one hour sessions and a one hour bootcamp session. After 6 months of that routine we split it into 4 half hour sessions.

    He has continued with the one hour bootcamp as well and keeps on pushing harder and harder every session! Good job Mr. Anthony!!!

    Anthony is currently training for a half marathon in September, thats a 22km run with a goal time of under 2 hours!!! not bad for a guy that was once well over 300 pounds!!!

    Live and fight, fight to live… there is much to live for in this life!

    Chris Toews: Fight Fit Boot Camp Vancouver Instructor and personal Trainer.

  • Charlie Pratt Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Charlie Pratt

    My name is Charlie Pratt. I have been training at Posener’s Pankration for 10 months. To date I have lost over 40 pounds, built an incredible amount of strength and have improved my physical appearance under the guidance of Sensei Simon Posener and The world class team of instructors here at Poseners Pankration. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge in terms of martial arts skills, fitness and healthy living. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and will go out of their way to help you succeed. They will push you to reach your full potential and achieve your goals. My experience training at Posener’s has changed my life. I highly recommend Posener’s Pankration to anyone who would like to develop themselves and take their training to the next level in a friendly environment that promotes personal development in mind, body and spirit. Thank you for pushing me to achieve my goals! OSU!

    Thank you for testimonial Charlie! You have had fantastic results and this will surely inspire others to make progress on their goals and build a strong team. OSU!

  • Dee Hunt Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Dee Hunt

    I am a 39 year old mother of 3 children. I weighed 185 pounds last year. Since training at Poseners I have gained confidence, gained strength, lost weight n gained a new family. My training started last September going to kickboxing 2 times a week. After about 6 months I was interested in competing so I had to step my game up so I took Strength and Conditioning with Gustavo 2 times a week. This class helped me with speed agility n strength. Everyone in this class is so supportive of one another. After a few months I started taking Chris’s Fight Fit Boot camp. This class is sure to turn u into a machine. I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I competed in the can Ams in May n won silver. Things for me just get better everyday thanks to my family at Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai.

  • Francis Tiapis Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Francis Tiapis

    Having taking Gus’s Strength and Conditioning program for the past year now, I have felt better physically and mentally then I ever had. He is a essential part of my training regiment going into my fights. In the time that I have implemented his circuits in my training I have gone 3-0 and also capturing the Ax Fighting mma title. Gus caters to everyone of all levels and body type in making sure all goals are met whether it be for sport, fitness, strength or for any other reason. His detail to technique is crucial to making sure excercises are done correctly for optimal performance. From rarely ever touching a barbel before to now believing that fitness and strength is the foundation to everything.

    Thank you Gus for allowing me to become the strongest I have ever been. I only wish I had started sooner.


  • Roddy MacIssac Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Roddy MacIssac

    Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve trained w/ you guys. I hope you are all well and are still working hard. I’ve made sure to keep the teachings of Simon Posener with me, and will continue to do so throughout my entire life. Posener’s Pankration taught me so much; not only of competitive combat, but of community, integrity, and dedication. I’m posting this message to thank Sensei Simon Posener, Paul Gibbons, Costa Rojas,George Kassimatis, Ed Kumar, Gus Rozalez, Franco & Paul Palines, Minna Kim, the Tiapis twins, Manuel Sarmiento, Kevin Lam, Igor, Jonas & Martin Kwiatkowski, Victor Wang, Julian Paul and every other hard working soul I had the privilege of training with. You’ve given me a strength I will have with me for the rest of my life. Still practicing & staying in shape. Respect you all forever. Thank you all so much. Seeya in the city brothers. OSU!

    Thank you for the testimonial: MMA Vancouver

  • Nazari Review About Posener's Pankration School


    Our 7 year old and 5 year old sons have been training under Sensei Simon Posener for about a year and half now. Simon has created a great positive atmosphere that was instrumental to all children mental and physical developments. For their first tournament experience, both of our sons participated in BC CBJJF championship and received gold medals.

    More important than the medals, was their learning to develop mentally and physically with the help of their great coach. Simon keeps emphasizing on the following traits in his training: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable-spirit. Over the past couple of years, not only they have had great physical and technical improvements, they have also tried to translate these philosophies into action and their day-to-day life. Thanks to Sensei Simon.

  • Joel Gray Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Joel Gray

    I remember in basic training, an instructor asking me how I was handling the training so well. And I remember telling him it was because of martial arts. The mental discipline and fortitude ingrained in training; to not show pain, and to push yourself harder with every class, made whatever the Army threw at us feel like a birthday party. While others were crying, throwing up, or wanting to give up, it was ‘just another day at the dojo’ in my eyes. That was what I developed from my Kyokushin days. And what impressed me most and made me choose Poseners Pankration/Kel Lees AMA, was your training philosophy and ethics. And not only that, but your instructors carry over that same training mindset. When we quit or slack off in training, we are robbing ourselves of what we can be …

    Joel Gray.

  • Chris Toews Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Chris Toews

    I am a student of Mr. Simon Posener who received a gold medal this last weekend in my 1st tournament ever! I give many thanks to Sensei Simon for everything he has taught me so far. I had never trained martial arts until a year and a half ago when I started with him. I have always been a fan of Cung Le and mentioned my interest to Simon… and my road down San Shou (chinese kickboxing) lane began! I only know what Simon has taught me, and If its what gets you gold medals… i will continue to work hard and have fun! I will say this, if you’re looking for a workout… you will get it at Posener’s and if you are interested in building a specific skill set, it will happen. If you can believe in yourself and always keep a positive attitude, definitely come train at Posener’s!

  • Slav Skender Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Slav Skender

    My name is Slav Skender and I am 61 years old. I have been attending Kel Lees Academy of Martial Arts operated by Sensei Simon Posener and several skilled instructors for the last 5 months. I am enrolled in the weight loss and strength program run by Gustavo on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. To date I have lost 40 lbs and have gained an impressive amount of core and muscular strength. I seem to be addicted to the weight and core training provided by the program. I wholeheartedly endorse and encourage others of all ages to join.

    Regards, Slav Skender

  • Paul Palines Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Paul Palines

    When I first started the Strength & Conditioning program back in June 2014, I didn’t have much weight lifting experience just want to get in shape and lose belly fat. With the help of Gustavo Rodriguez I learned how to do a proper deadlift and other new things I’m not used to doing. I look at myself everyday in the mirror and I can see lots of changes with all the effort I put into changing my body. I feel really happy and self confidence went up quite a bit. I just want to say thanks again Gustavo for helping me get stronger and helping me gain self confidence. – Paul Palines

  • Simon Yang Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Simon Yang

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my experience with Gus’s strength and conditioning class.
    I’ve been taking Gus’s strength and conditioning class for the last 8 months and I’m the healthiest I have ever been. His classes are geared towards MMA but even as a non practitioner I’ve benefited greatly. I’m a beginner when it comes to strength and fitness but I found the classes easy to follow and Gustavo’s instructions clear and concise. The class has motivated me to eat healthier and even quit smoking. Thank you Gus and Posener’s Pankration!

  • Aryan Kalia Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Aryan Kalia

    My son, my life. I am so proud of him. He has been training under Sensei Mr. Simon Posener for just over 8 months and I feel truly blessed to have him as a guide in his martial arts journey. I am very pleased to watch as his confidence and skill continues to grow under Sensei Mr. Simon Posener. Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai has been a wonderful experience for my child. Instructors and students offer a true sense of belonging and treat each other like family. He has learned respect for others and himself. It really is rewarding to watch him deal with new challenges and to eventually succeed in mastering them. Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai has been one of the best character-building activities I have involved my child in. This is the best thing that could have ever happened to my son.

  • Kristian and Jasper Montes Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Kristian and Jasper Montes

    Eleven months of training at the Posener’s has been a blast and challenging experience for Kristian. Kris and I have noticed so many changes in our son’s lives. Kristian started off as an active and friendly lil man although a lil “fidgity” on a trial basis to see if Pankration is one of the sports he would be interested on. So, then he decided to continue to train, where he is now currently competing in tournaments. Since he embraced himself to the school’s philosophy and building his confidence with every class it helped a lot in his school’s academic and behaviour as well as how he catches up with his daily extra curriculum activities. All of these changes couldn’t have happened without the support, patience and enthusiasm from his amazing instructor Simon Posener and training team. Also to Adam Posener, he has been an excellent leader/teacher from day one to Kristian. He gets motivated every single day through his support and enjoys his training with you.

  • Darren Cheng Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Darren Cheng

    Since enrolling my two son’s at Posener’s Pankration my wife and I have seen so many changes in our boy’s lives. First with my oldest, he started 11 months ago as a shy little boy on a trial pass to see if he’d like it, to where he is currently competing in tournament’s on the fight team. Since he’s encompassed the school’s philosophy into his life and is building his confidence with every class we’ve noticed it’s helped in his academic’s at school as well as how he goes about his daily events. All of this couldn’t of happened without the excellent instruction, patience and support from their Sensei Simon Posener and training staff, they are super friendly and the school has a terrific atmosphere to train in.

  • Christian Monobe Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Christian Monobe

    I have been training at Posener’s Pankration for about four months, and totally recommend it! The school has everything that a martial artist need: – Classes: several different martial arts, ranging from Muay Thai, Cardio Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling and MMA. So far, I go to Cardio Muay Thai (which for me is great, as it teaches some of the basics of the art of the 8 limbs, plus activities that will burn fat and calories) and Submission Wrestling. Can’t complain. – Equipment: two floors equipped with mats, a boxing/kickboxing ring, dumbbells, punching bags and pads. – Teachers: the most important. Not only they are very knowledgeable (some of them have been professional athletes) but also really nice and very approachable. To sum up, the decision to join the school was one of the best I have done since moving to Vancouver.

  • Aram Review About Posener's Pankration School


    This gym has the greatest instructors that train you both mentally and physically. I became stronger quicker and a more discipline person. I love to compete and train I’ve done one tournament and was successfully doing so. I learned a lot of new technique to add to my game, how to persevere in bad situations and a respectful discipline that I use in my everyday life. My conditioning has also very well improved. Training in Kel Lee’s (Posener’s Pankration) doesn’t just make you a martial artist it makes you a proud martial artist.

  • Green Lantern Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Green Lantern

    World Class Dojo

    I have trained at Kel Lee’s for 10 years now. I have enjoyed every minute of it. The school has great teachers, especially the head teacher, that have helped me to grow and turn me into the good person I am today. The benefits that I have gained have been great fitness, mental discipline, stronger spirit, top notch training, many applicable skills in the sport world and real world, and perseverance. Without the great guidance, enthusiasm, and passion of the academy, I would not be the man I am today.

  • Miguel Beleno Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Miguel Beleno

    Martial Arts have greatly impacted my life physically, mentally and spiritually. My great journey in martial arts started in the year of 2006, as a skinny, shy and asthmatic 7 year old boy. Stepping in the dojo at Posener’s Pankration was very nerve-wracking and at the same time terrifying. At that age, seeing rows of wooden staffs, bins of twin sais and arnis was overwhelming for me, since the idea of participating in “contact sports” was never in mind. It turns out my first class at the dojo was not as bad as I thought it would. My nervousness quickly simmered down after 3 weeks of classes. After a few months, walking in the dojo was quite easy, since confidence was gained in me.

    Confidence is a very essential trait in life and I strongly believe that it can be practiced and gained. Through my years of martial arts/ Kids MMA Vancouver I have built a strong foundation of confidence that is incredibly useful in many fields such as self-confidence with regards to my physical body, (Considering that Pankration is a very rigorous sport that involves immense exercise and training.) confidence in my social skills, (for example not being shy when talking to others) and most importantly confidence in my potential. The result of this confidence, now places a permanent mindset of mine; the right amount of confidence = increase in potential, which leads to a greater outcome/benefit.

    I would like to touch base with the 5 tenets that I have said out loud with certainty for over 5 years and also have gotten out of from martial arts.

    Although, courtesy is developed at home, it is also developed in martial arts. Being courteous in general, plays a great role in our daily lives. Bowing to our partner before sparring, raising our hands up when we have questions, applauding after a demonstration, and bowing to our instructor before entering and leaving the dojo, are all positive examples I have attained over the years of Martial Arts. Having pleasant morals or integrity, is the second tenet that was taught to me. These morals are very important to have since it helps us make wise and exemplary decisions, making us unsusceptible to today’s generation of peer-pressure, drugs and other unethical subjects.

    I admit there were times when I was orange-purple belt that I felt like quitting. I knew deep down, quitting was never an option to me or my dad, but I assume that we all get distracted sometimes. Martial Arts taught me to always have goals because when you have goals, it assists us to stay focused in what we need to achieve. With this being said, I made the decision to persevere for my black belt. Perseverance is a certain quality that is needed to be successful and happy. I believe that quitting or giving up will get you no where in life which is something that I don’t want to be in. From Martial Arts, I have acknowledged the fact that the harder you work towards a goal, the more you are fulfilled when you achieve that goal. And even when you do not achieve that goal, you are a better person. Also, you are closer to achieving that goal than before.

    In my opinion, there will be many times in life when you just want to punch a wall or burn a house down. When these feelings come up, the first thing in mind is to attend class. To me, MMA has been the greatest stress reliever of all time since punching bags or being the punching bag distracts us from our daily problems. Sometimes, I do not have problems outside the dojo but may have some inside. There were a few occasions through my times of training that I faced someone that was going too hard during sparring even though I have told them to tone it down a bit. Naturally, a human’s typical instinct is to strike back harder but through breathing techniques and the understanding that the opponent may be a beginner, helped me to be calm when it came to those situations, resulting in an overall positive benefit.

    The fifth and final tenet that I have developed through Martial Arts is indomitable spirit. Indomitable spirit can be applied in many various ways, especially when it comes to facing fear and doubt. I like to look at indomitable spirit as “invulnerable” spirit. Meaning that no matter what barriers or situations we face, they will not stop us from striving to complete our objective.

    Being involved in Martial Arts is not just exercise and having fun. For me, it is a lifestyle. I can never be able to remove it since it has become a part of me and has changed me into the man I am today and will continue to change me to a better man in the future. All of these teachings and tenets I now understand, helps me become more disciplined, therefore leading me to success in the future. Through God, Sensei Posener, the other wonderful instructors, my dad and the great training partners (family) the skinny, shy and asthmatic 7 year old boy is now a fit, brave and healthy 15 year old boy that succeeds in competitions and now has a goal to win more in the future.

  • Lenny Ho Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Lenny Ho

    Hi, everyone. My name is Lenny, I am student of Simon Posener’s Martial Arts Academy. I have been training there for about six years, and through their program, it has facilitated my growth into the person I am today. My scholarly studies constitute bachelors in exercise science and nursing. My participation in the martial arts rejuvenated me during my scholarly studies. It provided me an outlet for stress and kept me mentally focused. The academy is great training experience with very talented and accomplished instructors. The school offers multiple disciples at all levels of abilities. I started my training there with Muay Thai but have also progressed into the pankration discipline as well. The school prepares and provides support in your endeavours to compete in any area. I have succeeded in numerous tournaments and have competed in the ring several times. I have incorporated the schools philosophy into my life and used it to accomplish my own goals in school and work. I want everyone who is looking to get into martial arts to try our school out. We also have demonstrations at the open house on December 18, 2010 @ 1200. Come say Hi and enjoy the festivities, I will also be doing some demonstrations.

  • Michael Milosiewicz Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Michael Milosiewicz

    Without Sensei Simon Posener as a great teacher and instructor, my guidance and confidence would not be as true and powerfully ignited. Without the support of a phenomenal Martial Arts team from Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai/Kel Lee’s A.M.A., my strength and vision would not be as vast. Thank you all so very much, we couldn’t do this without being together…

    In love and light, your brother and friend always and forever,
    Michael Milosiewicz

  • Martin Kwiatkowski Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Martin Kwiatkowski

    Honoured to have received my MTKB black belt from one of the world’s best professional muay thai fighters of his day, Simon Posener. Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me.


  • Heidi Vincent Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Heidi Vincent

    I started training at Posener’s Pankration July 2012. I had no idea that discipline, hard work and fun could co-exist. This Mixed Martial Arts facility is top-notch, the Posener Team of trainers is excellent! I always feel like a million dollars when I leave Simon Posener’s school. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and very willing to help. Being at Simon’s school, I have received positive energy, discipline and focus. The most visible benefit that I received through training is the immediate physical improvement of my body with respect to strength, endurance and its appearance within a month. I have learned so much! The school is traditional but evolves with the times. Getting to work with Simon is such a gift. The quality is excellent and above expectation. It’s a “professional family.” I am now working toward my Level IX Cardio Muay Thai. I’m very excited!

    Heidi Vincent

  • A Google User Review About Posener's Pankration School

    A Google User

    I’ve trained here for many years and wouldn’t have it any other way! The instructors are informative, friendly and the training facility is well equipped. I’ve learned so many things and continue to learn because this school advances with the times. Besides the great training I’ve received, the people here are family to me and I’m proud to be part of Kel Lee’s/Posener’s Pankration. Whether you want to compete or just get in shape, there is no shortage of classes at this dojo! -GU

  • A Google User 2 Review About Posener's Pankration School

    A Google User

    I have been training at Kel Lee’s for over ten years and it has always been an excellent experience. Kel Lees offers extremely practical mixed martial arts training but emphasizes a traditional martial arts philosophy, something that you won’t find at many of the other mma dojos in Vancouver. The trainers are capable and qualified and the facilities include just about everything you could possibly ask for at a martial arts dojo. Training at Kel Lees has helped me become who I am today. It’s an awesome way to stay in shape, it’s fun, and its highly practical for self defense. I highly recommended Kel Lee’s Academy of Martial Arts and Posener’s Pankration

  • A Google User 3 Review About Posener's Pankration School

    A Google User

    I’ve trained here off and on since 1997. The gym is two floors, with a spacious class area downstairs and boxing ring, weightlifting equipment, heavy bags, speed bags, etc. upstairs. The instructors know their stuff and have great attitudes. Posener’s gym has been consistently ahead of the curve in teaching martial arts, back in the mid 90’s they were teaching MMA techniques years before it became trendy and all the other schools in Vancouver cropped up. The feeling of community is great, everyone is friendly and helps each other out. The facilities and variety of classes provide great value for your membership. I would recommend this school over any of the others in the lower mainland.

  • A Google User 4 Review About Posener's Pankration School

    A Google User

    I love the training at this martial arts gym. The instructors and pro fighters here are top notch and are very nice. The gym has two floors and is well equipped. The level of instruction is fantastic and Simon Posener is the best instructor around. I too, am proud to call the people in this dojo my family and will continue to train for many more years to come. The muay thai and mma classes are incredible and I believe that this gym is the absolute best to train at. The instructors meet you at the level that you are at. If you are looking for a great way to get into shape, there is also a cardio muay thai class available. Give us a call if you would like some more info.

  • A Google User 5 Review About Posener's Pankration School

    A Google User

    I’ve trained at many different martial arts clubs in and around Vancouver and I think this one is the best. Great muay thai and mma classes, really knowledgeable and experienced instructors.

  • Francis Tiapis Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Francis Tiapis

    I have been training out of Posener’s for three and a half years now. It was my very first experience in martial arts and I can say that it has changed every aspect of my life as well the way I think and behave in and out of the dojo. As the school focuses on to develop oneself to reach his/her full potential in mind, body and spirit. The coaches strive to help all students reach their goals whether they be self – defense, fitness, sport or whatever other goals they would like to achieve. The school allows all students to train six days a week multiple times a day in muaythai, submission wrestling or pankration. All classes varies in students from beginners, intermediate and champions. All students are welcome to learn at their own pace in whatever area they choose to practice in. I highly recommend Posener’s Pankration to anyone who like to develop themselves and their skill to another level with the help of world class Instructors in a friend/ family learning environment. One of the very best schools in Vancouver! you will not regret!

  • Marijanaslavnic Review About Posener's Pankration School


    Every year, at the renewal time, I put down pros and cons regarding my training at Poseners.And pros are piling up, each time. One of the most important would be that things learned at Posener’s just keep applying themselves into my everyday life, improvingit. Among other benefits I would include great cardio that keeps me going.Knowing self defense is a good asset. Constant support (and consistent training) did wonders for myself-confidence.Breathing exercises prove so helpful when stuck in traffic.And being told that I look taller-just because of improved posture- is one of my favorites .Instructors’ attention to details is extraordinary,and their patience is endless (lot to learn there!). All around aspect of training provided here,along with great atmosphere,great people is what keeps all of us coming back,again,and again.

  • Jay Morris Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Jay Morris

    My name is Jay Morris and I started training at Posener’sPankration in 2002. I quickly began to love coming in to train and learn new techniques and be motivated to try my best which gave me renewed self esteem, confidence and motivation for everything that I did in life. After about a year of training I unfortunately got really busy with work and stopped going for about 3 years until returning again when my workload and job description changed. During my 3 years that i was not training I injured my lower back from working long hours without stretching and probably because i wasn’t in as great of shape anymore. Back problems can really put a damper on your life and i gave up snowboarding and downhill mountainbiking because of my back problems. When I returned 3 years later it was like i never even left … my card was still in the slot, everyone remembered me and i was welcomed with smiles and i felt really bad for not coming back sooner! Sensei Simon Posener is a great man with a big heart, a family man but most of all he is a fearless champion who motivates you to try your best to improve and succeed at everything you do in life. I have been training steady now since 2006 and i do it mostly for fitness as i have my family to support and i’m in my early 40’s. I can honestly say that i am in the best shape of my life and i will continue to train here as long as i can and i will find some way of balancing work and family to do so! Whether you want to try MuayThai , Cardio Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling, Pankration or sign your kids up for a great junior martial arts program, this is the place to be! The programs at the school are second to none and the instructors are knowledgeable and fun but also they motivate you to try your best to succeed! Sometimes i find myself arriving early and watching a class before my warm up and i am always amazed at the stuff that i see! I can honestly say that i like learning new things and when i come to class and learn another really cool technique it makes me proud to be a part of this fine group of people! Make the call that will change your life!

  • Andrew Devlin Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Andrew Devlin

    I have been training here for the past 4 years and have no complaints. The instructors are great and are extremely helpful. Everyone that trains here is friendly and helpful as well and the more experienced guys have no problem helping out newer people either. There is a good mix between new and experienced people as well as people who are there to compete versus the people who just want to get into shape. I would recommend this gym to anyone no matter what their goals are.

  • Elaine Fung Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Elaine Fung

    Great muaythai training! When I first joined Posener’s several years ago, what struck me most about this dojo was its welcoming atmosphere. For someone new to martial arts, it was an intimidating and daunting world to enter. Any fears were quickly dissipated by the expert and friendly instruction. The same friendly attitude is apparent in my fellow students and there is a true feeling of camaraderie. Since joining Posener’s, I have taken both the traditional Muay Thai and Cardio Muay Thai classes offered. I usually take the Cardio Muay Thai class though. But don’t think it’s just a glorified aerobics class because much of the time is spent learning technique, hitting the pads and training and conditioning like fighters – just minus the full contact. And there’s extra motivation to train with level testing so that you know you’re improving. Whatever your goals are, this is the place for results!

  • Victor Wang Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Victor Wang

    My name is Victor Wang. I started training at Posener’s at 2003, and I have my whole life changed in 7 years training with sensei Posener. When I started I know little about martial arts and In 7 years I was taught the skills of fighting and skills of life—–to be a champion of life and in the ring/cage. Now I am a pro MMA fighter with 2 mauythai champion titles and also an instructor at Posener’s. Come and train with us !coz we have a lot to share with you! our facility is 2 floored, training mats, boxing ring, heavy bags, speed bags, thai pads, focus mitts,, kick shields, change rooms, shower stall….we got everything!! and of coz the best instructors !

  • Ilaitia Mocevakaca Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Ilaitia Mocevakaca

    I want to thank everybody from the POSENER’S FIGHTING TEAM who was there yesterday to support us for the WEST COAST CAN-AM TOURNAMENT. Without your guys’ support at class and practice I would not have made it this far. I feel confident about learning and training MuayThai and am happy to be part of the team. I want to dedicate the gold medal to my team at KEL LEE’S ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS/POSENER’S PANKRATION and a special thanks to Sensei Simon Posener for the words of encouragement and the teaching of technique and skills. I want to thank Pastor Koroi for helping me with my boxing skills, Rand and Kyle from LWD for their support and not forgetting the one who is always there for me all the time my fiancée’ LosaLuaifoa. I will try my best to give a good fight next time. Have a good day everybody.


  • Ilatia Orobosaga Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Ilatia Orobosaga

    I want to give a big thanks to POSNER’S PANKRATION AND MUAY THAI/KEL LEES A.M.A for their technique and style they teach at the dojo for the one year I been joint them. The technique they teach in muaythai its help me to defence myself from two criminal stranger they been known to cop’s that they attack me last four weeks ago. Tanks sensei Simon, Paul, George, Costa, Victor for the technique that you …guys teach us at the dojo.It’s make a big different for my life and also for real world out there when people attack you for no reason, Ibelieve without the knowledge I learn from POSNER’S PANKRATION AND MUAY THAI I think I already dead. I want to encourage all my fellow student at KEL LEES that whatever we learn from the dojo it’s not for sports and fitness only its can save your life like me. Don't give up and keep come to learn more.

  • Gavinder Atwal Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Gavinder Atwal

    I just wanted to say I’m glad I chose your gym to learn self defense. Just had a shoplifter who I had a fist fight with.(I’m a Loss Prevention Associate, I deal with apprehending and detaining people who are being charged with theft/fraud). Using a few leg kicks (surprisingly I landed them better than I do in class haha) And a takedown I learned from you ( with the Olympic grip 😉 )I was able to handle the situation with control and confidence.. I’m always looking forward to the next class to better my skills. I’ll continue to try my hardest in class! Thanks again!

  • Paris Kumar Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Paris Kumar

    What if a stranger grabbed you, punched you, took you down and choked you out? If you knew martial arts, you could of turned that bad situation around. Or, what if you have anger and want to let it out, martial arts is a great exertion of energy and it will help calm you down.
    Dear Judges, teachers, parents and fellow students, today I will be talking to you about MMA and the many ways it helps you. If you don’t know what MMA stands for, it is short for Mixed Martial Arts.
    One interesting fact about mixed martial arts is that it is a mix of kickboxing, wrestling and take downs. In martial arts you learn multiple defenses. There are defenses for stand up, take downs and wrestling. Martial arts builds confidence. If you know how to defend yourself with martial arts, you will be more confident in bad situations. Senseis also teach you how to avoid situations with violence and to be aware of what's around you. Even though you may know martial arts it doesn’t mean that you will or need to use it, it is there as a back up or last resort. Mixed martial arts is fun! It keeps you busy and out of trouble. It also keeps you fit. If you like challenging yourself mentally and physically, start doing martial arts.

    I go to Posenerʼs Pankration in Vancouver and I learn a lot from martial arts. Many people think that martial arts is violent, but it is actually very controlled and it is almost like a physical game of chess. Simon Posener, is the Shihan or master, at Posenerʼs Pankration and we believe that you should always do your best, and never quit. We follow five tenants at our dojo; Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit. Most of the Senseiʼs at my dojo, started martial arts at the age of 6 or 7 so they have lots of experience.
    We have won many trophies which we are very proud, yet modest of winning. My training is called Pankration which is a combination of kickboxing, submissions and grappling. Theclasses that you can take at Posenerʼs Pankration are Muay Thai kickboxing, Weapons, Submission Wrestling, Cardio Muay Thai and Pankration. Yoga was recently included to the school.
    Some history on martial arts is that it only had two belt colours. White and Black. This represented that all students were equal.
    At Posenerʼs Pankration there are 9 belts, white, yellow, orange, purple, green, (which I am), blue, red, red stripe, junior black and black belt. For each belt, you achieve three stripes and each stripe means that you have accomplished a different level in the belt. After you get three stripes, you test for your next belt at a belt test. The belt tests are usually every 3 to 4 months and are tests of endurance, technique and mental discipline. Mixed martial arts helps build confidence, teaches you mental discipline and self defense. Mixed martial arts is a great sport and it is never too late to start. If you enjoy sports and want a challenge, join martial arts. Mixed martial arts is my passion and I would like to do it for the rest of my life.

  • Larissa Stefani Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Larissa Stefani

    Sensei Simon embodies all that the Martial Arts represents. He is a concise, methodical, patient, and detail oriented teacher. He has an incredibly vast degree of knowledge in his field, and is a loyal mentor and friend.


  • Liz Loscerbo Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Liz Loscerbo

    I’ve trained here for many years and wouldn’t have it any other way! The instructors are informative, friendly and the training facility is well equipped. I’ve learned so many things and continue to learn because this school advances with the times. Besides the great training I’ve received, the people here are family to me and I’m proud to be part of Kel Lee’s/Posener’s Pankration. Whether you want to compete or just get in shape, there is no shortage of classes at this dojo! by E.Loscerbo

  • Manuel Sarmiento Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Manuel Sarmiento

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all the messages! The support I’ve received will definitely motivate me to push even harder. Getting to work with Simon Posener and everyone at Posener’s Pankration has been a true blessing. OSU!

    Thank you guys!! You guys are the definition of family! Keep up the great work and let everyone know that Posener’s Pankration will always remain at the top of the heap! OSU!!

  • Ash Ley Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Ash Ley

    I highly recommend Kel Lee`s for martial arts training and fitness, it`s a friendly environment for the whole family to train at. The training is excellent, the facility is great and the team is exceptional. I started training at Kel Lee`s 20 years ago and have never looked back since.

  • Kumar family Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Kumar family

    Simon Posener is the real deal. We are a family of four, and my wife and kids as well as myself all train at Posener’s. I first started in late ’99 and had a six year hiatus in early 2002 due to career and workload, but was welcomed back in ’08 with open arms and a determination to continue where I had left off. With our kids growing up, they train in the early afternoon and have reaped the rewards of discipline and focus on excelling in martial arts. Their school and academic successes are directly related to their martial arts training. My wife trains in the cardio program, and I mix it up between Kickboxing, Pankration and Cardio depending on my busy work schedule. The number of classes is amazing, and versatility of the training is excellent, from weekend warrior to serious competitor’s the school has it all, wrapped in a culture of respect, courtesy and hardwork. It’s not just a martial arts studio, it’s a family and one we’re proud to be a part of.

  • Angela V Review About Posener's Pankration School

    Angela V

    My husband and I joined Posener’s a few years ago and from the first class we loved the friendly attitude of the instructors and fellow students. You always feel welcome and we love the positive environment. If you are hoping to achieve your fitness/martial arts goals then you will find this is a great place to train at. I participate in their Cardio Muay Thai class but they also have other classes they offer for more specific training. I am a mom and after having my son I found that taking the Cardio classes helped me lose the extra baby weight and now I am very close to my pre-baby weight! The classes are definitively challenging and fun, if you are looking for a good high intensity work-out then this is the place to go.

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