Seika Tanden description for Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver

Seika Tanden for Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver This is an article from the student manual by Tadashi Nakamura who is a pioneer in hard style martial arts. His reference of  ibuki breathing is similar in some respects to our dynamic tension breathing. Some people have been asking about this concept so I am reprinting it to build knowledge and understanding. Enjoy. … Read More

Philosophy of a Champion -B.Urquidez for Martial Arts Vancouver

Philosophy of a Champion for Martial Arts Vancouver -By Benny “The Jet” Urquidez Never change what works Grasp whatever you can, be open-minded about everything Learn what you want to learn, but never close your mind to something different Knowing yourself helps you to know others Never stop learning, never limit yourself to what you think you may attain To be … Read More

Training Tips – General for Adult Pankration/MMA and Kids MMA Vancouver

Training Tips – Generalfor Adult Pankration/MMA and Kids MMA Vancouver Martial Arts supplementary training is dependent on your creativity, goals, drive, and desire. To get, you have to give – energy , awareness, time, and sweat. Remember that repetition develops deep learning in the muscles and nerves and works towards developing an automatic response – Mushin. Through your extra training … Read More

Supplemental Training for Children at Posener’s Pankration/MMA for Kids MMA Vancouver

Supplemental Training for Children at Posener’s Pankration/MMA for Kids MMA Vancouver METHODS: 1 ) Calisthenics – Basic exercises Leg raises, crunches, squats, push ups,V ups, etc Others (see Black Belt Physical requirements) I also recommend basic stances and positions to emphasize focus. IE. Ready stance, zazen, fighting stance (with and without level change). 2 ) Forms – Performed with speed and … Read More