Some Basic Nutritional Concepts for Athletics for Fitness Vancouver

Nutrition Concepts for Fitness Vancouver at Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai Kickboxing   Energy in > Energy out = Gain Weight Energy in < Energy out = Lose Weight *factor in metabolism, energy expenditure & athletic goals.   In order to perform at peak levels athletically, one needs to have proper diet with quality natural nutritional supplements. Athletes have special nutritional … Read More

Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships Saturday Oct. 22'11-Kids MMA Vancouver

Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships Saturday Oct. 22’11-Kids MMA Vancouver Submission Wrestling Results at the WCMAC: Chris Katsiamitis -1st place in a heavier division, Francis Tiapis-3rd place; excellent showing in his 1st submission tournament and lost the final fight by 2 points while almost finishing the omoplata before time just ran out, which was not awarded catch points, Stefan Hawes-2nd … Read More