NAGA '17 Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver Results: Posener's MMA

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NAGA ’17 Jiu-Jitsu Vancouver Results: Posener’s MMA  NAGA ’17 Tournament Results In Everett:    Ayden Arnold: Belt in No Gi, Silver in Gi, Rodean Nazari: Belt in No Gi and Silver in Gi due to leg scissor submission in the final moments while up on points and getting a warning for stalling and the resultant desire to make things happen, … Read More

Mushin Description for Posener's MMA/ Martial Arts Vancouver

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Mushin Description for Posener’s MMA/ Martial Arts Vancouver Here is a description of the philosophical concept of Mushin. Sometimes referred to as no mind,  or clear mind. However, in the emptiness the mind is full and has achieved a desired state that practitioners train to achieve.     Here is one of the better descriptions I have come across lately. … Read More

Posener's Pankration/MMA Vancouver: Kaizen Philosophy

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Posener’s Pankration/MMA Vancouver: Kaizen Philosophy   Today we are going to explain part of the philosophical foundations of our art. For many years we have been describing our style as, ‘ A mixed martial arts style emphasizing traditional philosophy’. Sometimes these days the traditional backbone of the art gets neglected and the principle of Kaizen is an important part of the … Read More