Rob Acton Testimonial

I look back at the days spent at Posener’s Pankration (over 10yrs) as one of the best time periods of my life. Simon was my instructor, a mentor, spiritual leader, and a great friend. His teaching and guidance helped shaped into the man, husband, and father I am today. The principals and philosophies I learned under his tutelage are invaluable … Read More

R.J. Testimonial and Response to assault against a weapon

RJ Stepanek testimonial for MMA Vancouver

RJ Testimonial and Response to assault against a weapon I’m a middle aged man who decided to start training in Muay Thai about 3 years ago. I wanted to find a school that focused on the mental and spiritual side as well as the physical skills. Posener’s Pankration offered a free trial so I jumped at the chance. I was immediately … Read More