Jason Morris stops a purse snatcher March '12. Self Defense Vancouver

Jason Morris stops a purse snatcher March ’12. Self Defense Vancouver

ts 7:55am Friday morning, no morning coffee yet..a beautiful sunny morning on my way to work, driving through china town … And a helpless older chinese lady is running after a drug addict that just stole her purse… Long story short … 1 minute later i almost broke his arm and she has her purse back.
I didn’t think about whether or not i should help the woman or not, it was a no brainer, i drove 2 blocks and jumped out of my van and took him down fast and i don’t even remember taking him to the ground but i did hear the female police officer remark that she liked the hold i had him in. Even though the guy was 175lbs and obviously heavier than i was my training kicked in and i didn’t even think about what i was doing, that’s why after 2 seconds when i had him pinned to the center line of the street and the guy was saying oww! and that he wasn’t gonna move and i realized that i did somethin right! The police came within seconds and the older Chinese lady got her purse back and all her belonging, she was really grateful and that made my day! Thinking back yes it was risky for me to intervein but i felt very confident in my abilities and i am glad the guy didn’t try to resist as i seriously think things would of been a lot worse for him. I was glad to help and the smile on the lady’s face was worth every penny of my efforts!
That is a great self defense application by Jason Morris, one of the green belts at Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai, of helping someone in need. Jason is the proud father of two children and a great addition to our academy. Jason takes part in our Muay Thai Kickboxing, Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing, Pankration or MMA, which also utilizes some Japanese Jiu-jitsu techniques for self defense applications, in particular, and the occasional weapons class. He also installed our MMA cage. Thank you for that Jason and also thank you for your helping and your involvement in the school over the years. I appreciate it.

Self Defense Vancouver

Self defense Vancouver