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Thai or Thai Boxing, is the Martial Art of Thailand and the inspiration for Western Kickboxing. It can be traced back to battles fought between the Burmese and Muay the Thais of the Ayutha period. Burmese accounts describe the ferocity and physical prowess of the Thai warriors, in particular the exploits of a Thai prisoner of war, Nai Khanom Tom. At the celebration held by the Burmese King, Hai Khanom Tom defeated nine Burmese warriors, this winning his freedom, a place in history – and two wives, whom he took home to Thailand, courtesy of the Burmese King.When first practiced as a sport, Muay Thai was the stuff of Hollywood movies. Fighters wore sea-shells as groin protectors, and wore no gloves, instead wrapping their hands in cotton fiber and coating them with hot tar and sand or broken glass. Not suprisingly, injuries and fatalities were fairly common. Thai boxing was incarnated in its present form around the turn of the century, with fighters wearing gloves, groin protectors, and shorts – but no shoes. Fights run for five rounds of three minutes each, with the winner decided by a decision based on points or knock-out, as in Western-style boxing. No one could ever confuse Thai Boxing and Western Boxing.

However, in addition to punches, the Thai Boxer arsenal includes kicks, knees, and elbows, all of which can be used on any part of the opponents body. In combination, such an attack is beautiful, fluid, and awesome in its destructive power.Muay Thai is distinctive in its style and ritual. This is apparent from the moment the fighter enters the ring, wearing a mongkon on his head. A protective charm designed to fend off the ill-effects of the magic arts, the mongkon is made of rolled fabric and thread, wrapped in a second strip and blessed by the master. The Thai boxer may also wear a praciat, an armband of rolled cloth containing symbols infused with magic by a master. Dating back to ancient battlefields, it is believed that the praciat wards off danger.Before the match, the Thai boxer performs a Ram Muay, or fighters dance. The Ram Muay is a series of movements designed to pay respect to the fighter’s teacher. The dance involves acting out aspects of combat using bow, spear, or sword, and well as movements to symbolize prayer, respect, and the drawing of power from the primal well of Muay Thai knowledge. The Ram Muay completed, the fighter returns to his corner, where the trainer prays over him and removes his mongkon. It is time for the fight to begin.

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