BFL 68 Results – Posener’s MMA Vancouver Oguzhan Defends-Gio World Title shot

MMA Vancouver

Oguzhan Defends 1st rnd sub @ Gio shoots for the World Title- Next time 

MMA Vancouver

Oguzhan Yalcin Defends his belt with 1st Round Submission Posener’s MMA Vancouver

BFL 68 took place on Thursday September 30 ’21. Oguzhan Yalcin successfully defended his MMA Title by taking on an opponent with 67 Muay Thai Fights and many championship titles. In some respects it is a classic stylistic match up of Striker vs Grappler. However, these days everyone is developing well rounded skill sets. The threat of the takedown was somewhat imminent and Oguzhan was successful in defending a few strikes,  landing a few strong strikes himself, obtaining the clinch and takedown, working the Kiumra attack, one of his favorites, and finishing with an armbar in the first round.


Poener's MMA Vancouver

Oguzhan Yalcin defends his belt with 1st round submission victory for Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Oguzhan will enjoy the victory moment and then prepare to make a big splash in the professional ranks.


Gio Platon, with a 2-0 record professionally, took on a skilled and game opponent with a 4-1 pro record for the vacant BFL World Pro title. Both fighters are keen on making a mark for themselves and their team. Gio was doing well in the initial exchanges on the feet and was landing some powerful clean low calf kicks. A take down opportunity presented itself and Gio capitalized with a clean takedown. Sergey was able to get the guard and was working on a triangle from the get go. The 3 step method we employ to defend the triangle based on early, middle and late detection was not applied. It is a fight. They are not making cookies. Gio was intent on Ground and Pound and did not realize the impending changes and adjustments. Trapping his opponents arm with his knee also facilitated the angle change. It was a small mistake then put an end to the contest. Gio will learn from this and be confident in moving forward for the next time and growing as a fighter and champion.

This night illustrates the need for ‘equanimity of spirit’ in the traditional context for our students.  It is not easy as victory has an emotional content and defeat has an emotional content. If there is a moderation of the emotion on both outcomes and the focus on making progress and developing your potential to your highest level, success and growth will continue to happen. Both fighters and all fighters in the MMA arena are certainly ‘daring greatly’ and their efforts are commendable. It is a significant challenge, which is intense and exciting. Great job of these fighters regardless. The pursuit and journey of this challenge was awesome and we do enjoy the prospect of future challenges.

Gio and Oguzhan Testing Posener's MMA Vancouver

Gio and Oguzhan Testing Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Gio has won many titles in the past and is positive and keen on going for more fights and titles. He is a champion and we are happy to contribute to the effort.

Gio Platon MMA champion Posener's MMA Vancouver

Gio Platon MMA champion Posener’s MMA Vancouver

I would like to thank everyone for their support. Our awesome instructor team, Dan Golkar from Scorpion Martial Arts, the many great training partners of both fighters in the community, the help from other great instructors in the community, the sponsors, families and friends. OSU!


If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

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