Oguzhan Yalcin Victorious in 2nd Pro MMA fight: Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Posener's MMA Vancouver

Oguzhan Yalcin Victorious in 2nd Pro MMA fight: Posener’s MMA Vancouver


Posener's MMA Vancouver

Oguzhan Yalcin is victorious in 2nd Pro MMA Fight: Posener’s MMA Vancouver


On Thursday April 28 ’22 Oguzhan Yalcin secured a unanimous decision victory in his second professional MMA fight. The score cards were 30 -27, 30 – 27 and 30 -26. The event took place at the Harbor Convention Center in Vancouver.

It was good to see a crowd at the event, as Covid protocols have decreased. The fight was largely contested in the wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu domains with Oguzhan utilizing both offensive and defensive entries off strikes to secure numerous clean takedowns. There was some good top control and ground strikes were plentiful. Wesley was adept at defense and was able to re-guard a number of pass attempts. Oguzhan was able to stay ahead of these exchanges and catch numerous RNC catch attempts.  Towards  the end of the fight from the back he secured a clean arm bar catch. If there was a bit more time, a submission would have been likely.

It was a good fight and we congratulate and respect the opponent who was determined to go for it. It is a challenging sport and respect is due for those who enter the cage to test and challenge themselves. Challenge can happen in many areas of life. We do appreciate the opportunity to help Oguzhan on his championship quests. His current short term goal is to win the BFL World Pro MMA Title. He is close and we are happy to contribute to his success. I would like to thank CJ Strongheart for working the corner and for his expertise in helping to prepare Oguzhan for victory. I would also like to thank our awesome instructor team, George Kassimatis and Costa Rojas, and all the positive support and energy.


Simon Posener

Here is some information on our Pankration/MMA program:


Simon Posener with his coach and pioneer Matt Hume.


Ancient Pankration

The word Pankration is a Greek word which translated means “all powers” or “all powerful”, both are acceptable translations by Greek scholars. Pankration was a sporting event in the ancient Greek Olympic games that was first introduced in the games of 648 BC. The rules of the sport were simple, no biting or eye gouging and victory was secured through knockout , submission or death. The historical records of the early pankration are shrouded and mixed with Greek mythology and it is not known whether these accounts of championship bouts and feats of strength of the champions were myth or actual accounts. What is known is that just like the boxers and wrestlers of the Olympic games the Pankration competitors refined their skills for many generations through hundreds of years and became extremely proficient at all elements of their sport including ground fighting and submission holds to standing fighting with all types of strikes. Many of the holds, throws and striking techniques can be seen on their pottery, statues and drawings of those times. The ancient Olympic games were intertwined with many ceremonies and connections to the worship of gods that were pagan to the rising Christian population. Because of this association and the rise of Christianity the games eventually came to a halt and along with it Pankration competition disappeared for many centuries.
The Olympic games were eventually adopted and reborn throughout the world alternating the competition in a new country every 4 years, however, Pankration competition was not included. It is only because of the sparse historical records and the special interests of a few individuals that Pankration is having a rebirth in this generation. Pankration MMA Vancouver.

Modern Day Pankration

The current wave of “no hold barred” and pay per view fighting events has brought with it a curiosity and interest to it’s ancient predecessor Pankration. Just as the boxing venue grew and evolved from ancient Greece to Madison Square Garden and the rest of the world, the skill, techniques, training methods, rules, attire and safety measures have also evolved. For the most part this evolution has been beneficial to the sport and it’s participants. Now after centuries ancient Greek Pankration is getting the opportunity to become Modern Pankration the same way as it’s brother boxing did.

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