RJ Stepanek testimonial for MMA Vancouver

RJ Testimonial and Response to assault against a weapon

I’m a middle aged man who decided to start training in Muay Thai about 3 years ago. I wanted to find a school that focused on the mental and spiritual side as well as the physical skills. Posener’s Pankration offered a free trial so I jumped at the chance. I was immediately impressed. I’ve been able to continue to achieve my goals of getting into better shape, mental focus, and feeling more confident in myself. It has not always been easy but I embraced the challenge.

Recently, I was involved in a road rage incident and assaulted with a weapon. I was on my way home when I noticed someone driving erratically and aggressively behind me. This led to them almost hitting my vehicle. Luckily I stopped just in time to avoid a collision. We both got out of our vehicles and instead of having a discussion the individual attempted to physically assault me. I believe from this point on it was my training at Posener’s Pankration that helped me survive the event. I was able to anticipate and evade the initial punches and my reflex was to defend and counter. This led to him retreating to his vehicle and grabbing a metal club. I immediately backed out of range so he could not hit me with it. Instead he hit my vehicle. Luckily it dropped out of his hand and I was able to retrieve it. I used his weapon to neutralize his threat.

I have no doubt that it was my training in Martial Arts that helped put me from a position of a victim to a position of control. The lesson that was reinforced is that we don’t plan for these things to happen, but the training helped prepared me for it and to avoid serious injury.

  • RJ