Rob Acton Testimonial

I look back at the days spent at Posener’s Pankration (over 10yrs) as one of the best time periods of my life. Simon was my instructor, a mentor, spiritual leader, and a great friend. His teaching and guidance helped shaped into the man, husband, and father I am today.

The principals and philosophies I learned under his tutelage are invaluable in life. I use those skills, lessons every day, and teach those valves to my children. The results are evident in their success in life so far, they are excelling in martial arts, academically, they are confident, driven, and are respectful towards others.

Just wanted to let you know, Simon your positivity and influence has touched multiple generations!!! Only wish I still lived on the mainland, I would be there with Simon and the roster of world class instructors (my brothers) he has on his team.

So many great memories, training, teaching, tournaments, ring fights, and the people and friends. It was definitely an amazing journey.

I will always consider myself a student of his and I’m proud of it!Let’s just say I’m not too worried about getting mugged, anywhere in the world ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rob Acton