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Our Traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program develops the main benefits of Self Defense, Fitness, Mental Discipline and Sport. Our Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program utilizes techniques and principles from the Thai tradition, Dutch Kickboxing methods, Japanese methods and principles, and concepts and techniques from Western Boxing. Our style, which has been taught by Simon Posener, who has been training for almost 35 years and teaching full time for 25 years, is constantly evolving and improving, as that is our original goal. The desire to grow, evolve and improve is constant. The instructors are experienced, personable, knowledgeable and have a passion for teaching the art and improving teaching methods and techniques. We have a long history of producing excellent mixed martial artists and champions of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Pankration / MMA.

One of the main differences between the Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program and the Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver program is the application of progressive levels of contact sparring, which occurs in the traditional class. Stylistically, the classes are similar. The traditional Muay Thai class is Fitness and Combat intensive. The Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing class is more Fitness and technique intensive and less sparring intensive.

In the Traditional class once a student learns the A,B,C’s of defense, which are the basic defenses from the main strikes used in Muay Thai, which are very important for developing confidence, the basic footwork patterns, and the execution of the basic strikes and clinches, a student will learn progressive levels of contact sparring. Sparring is a requirement for progress in the system. At the beginning levels the sparring is light to medium contact and at the advanced levels a student will participate in full contact, full Muay Thai sparring. Individual differences are considered in the timing and onset of sparring. Progress is also based on the individual, as everyone is unique in their goals and challenges, and they are compared to their own progress. Once a student is comfortable with the basics and has a desire to spar, with instructor approval, a graduated method will be started. The benefits of sparring are many. A student will learn to handle pressure of various types, develop physical and mental discipline, and get a great workout. The pressure from contact sparring is also very important in application of self defense techniques, which are also a part of the curriculum. Self defense applications are taught within the classes and other classes within the school. Also, the Muay Thai sparring will benefit the competitive aspect of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Western Kickboxing, Shootboxing, Sanshou and Pankration/MMA.

Our goal in the training is to develop the technique and spirit of the art to the highest level, build camaraderie, and develop a student’s full, balanced, personal potential.

We are offering a free week trial at the school, so you can try us out and see how we can benefit you and help you achieve your goals, or simply enroll today.

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Muay Thai Skills and Conditioning

The Muay Thai Skills and Conditioning Vancouver program develops the main benefits of Self Defense, Fitness and Mental Discipline. This program is stylistically the same as the traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing class but does not have the goal of hard contact sparring or direct Sport application. However, many of the competitors and students who participate in the traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing program also participate in the Muay Thai Skills and Conditioning (MTSC) class because it is an excellent workout and will, without question, improve fitness levels and will provide an opportunity for further skill development. The classes are less formal, done to music, and do not have the pressure of full contact sparring. It is a focused class with the goal of developing skills and peak fitness levels. Advancement in the program is based on a progressive 10 level system. Students advance in the curriculum based on attendance, which is the most important aspect especially within the beginning levels, skill development, and personal fitness level improvements. The advancement of the student is based on their own progress, as everyone has unique challenges and goals.

The classes are a high energy explosive workout. The training will develop cardio vascular fitness, aerobic and anaerobic, muscular strength and muscular endurance, flexibility, burn fat, and improve energy levels. There will not be contact free sparring. We will, however, utilize: sharp shooting techniques, which are non contact, one step sparring, interactive drills and, for more advanced students, semi-free sparring. There is also a self defense component taught specifically, which includes self defense applications of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu.

There are many goals which can be obtained in the Muay Thai Skills and Conditioning Vancouver classes. We emphasize an effective workout utilizing Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques to get the student in the best shape they can. We also provide free nutritional counselling, upon request, and provide diet tips to teach the relationship of a healthy lifestyle and diet on mental and physical fitness levels. As we work together in the class in a spirit of growth and progress, the goal is to make progress on many levels, get results, have fun and make friends.

We are offering a free week trial at the school, so you can try us out and see how we can benefit you and help you achieve your goals, or simply enroll today.

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FAQ Vancouver Kickboxing Classes

It can be learnt relatively quickly but it depends on the individual. Learning rates are dependent on time and energy. If someone trains everyday, for example, they may learn faster than someone who trains less often. However, motivation, attentiveness and mindset are also factors.

There are several other factors that determine learning rates, and they vary depending on the individual. However, how fast one learns is not as important as the actual learning and improving without excessive comparisons. People often get concerned that it is not fast enough, but the main thing, in my opinion, is to make the best progress you can and start. There are many reasons to start training Kickboxing.

A good idea is to consider mixed martial arts, fitness and health as an evolving activity or art that changes with time, energy and personal progress. A helpful philosophy is to change incrementally. Kaizen philosophy is a principle that will help you reach your potential.

One other thing to keep in mind is that greater gains are possible at first. The learning curve is greater at the beginning. Fitness benefits are also greater at first especially if the person is coming from a position of not being in the best of shape and not being overly active. I recommend starting and doing your best. You will learn skills and improve your fitness immediately and incrementally.

Finally, the length of time for learning depends on your goals, your disposition, aptitudes, and history. If your goal is to improve in fitness and basic skills, that can happen quickly. You can also learn self defense skills that are practical right away, although it may take some time to learn application, depending on the person. If your goal is more advanced like developing elite levels of skill, it will take longer. Goals often change as past goals are met and that is exciting, challenging, and inspiring.  The benefits are fantastic and potentially life changing.

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