A modern weapon style with roots in the Filipino & Okinawan Styles

A modern weapons program for overall martial art skills and attribute development.


  • Line Familiarization
  • Bi-lateral Co-ordination
  • Timing
  • Speed
  • Energy Development
  • Sensitivity
  • Self-improvement

Our style of Weapons self defense training is for self defense benefits and attribute development. Our style is universally applicable to a variety of short and long impact and edged weapons The origins of some of the style has Okinawan and Filipino roots. However, ,the style has adapted over the years and evolved to incorporate new and improved methods. Whether the modifications have come from the Comtech base, the Israeli Special Forces methods or techniques that have been taught to the local police force and ERT members, the style and methods have and will continue to improve, be more efficient and develop more beneficial skills.

There are a number of attributes that can become developed by training in our Self Defense Vancouver system:

1. Line Familiarization- Through training in our style, you will become natural and responsive to the lines of attack and defense whether by impact, edged or empty hand weapons.

2. Bi-Lateral Co-ordination is developed by our ambidextrous training where it is required to develop both sides of the body and brain. The skills will fine tune your coordination.

3. Timing is a critical factor in weapons training and a student will develop this quality and improve awareness, focus, and reflexes.

4. Speed- Our style and training will improve physical, reaction, mental and perceptual speed.

5. Energy development- Training with a weapon enhances empty hand skill and overall energy application.

6. Sensitivity- This essential quality will be developed because power is inherent in the weapon. Skill and sensitivity, and other qualities become developed.

7. Self Improvement- The mental, physical and spiritual skills that are developed by a good overall mixed martial arts program will develop self defense Vancouver skills and character skills.

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