We teach a Mixed Martial Arts Style Emphasizing Traditional Philosophy. That has been our orientation for, as of the time of this writing, almost 34 years. That makes us different from Karate, Tae Kwon Do, wrestling, Judo, Boxing, etc. We are a mixed style of striking and grappling. We use the arts of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu in a modern, evolving style while adhering to the traditional philosophical principles of Martial Arts. We feel this approach is the ultimate.

A Mixed Martial Arts style emphasizing traditional philosophy

Our Goal is to develop both the combative skills and the personal development skills to a high level to help our students actualize their potential.

We use the martial arts practice as the vehicle towards the development of the individual; skills on the mat and the application of those skills and principles off the mat to develop well rounded life skills. For example, disciplined and focused effort on the mat will develop legitimate combative skills and discipline and focused effort off the mat can develop scholastic skills and relationship skills.

Benefits Of Learning Martial Arts For Kids


Self defense


Mental Discipline


Parents often want an activity for their children that develops significant skills to bolster their self confidence and lead to overall life success. The development of those real skills is our purpose. We can help the quiet kid learn to extend their energy and develop skills and confidence that can help them on the mat, in school and in their relationships. We can also help the outgoing, rambunctious child develop focus, improve self control, and increase disciplined effort that also can benefit them in a myriad of ways. Not every child benefits the same, as things can happen and not everyone stays.  However, we have had tremendous success in this over the years and we have seen great results in many.  This has been incredibly gratifying for myself and our awesome instructor team.

Especially in this era of increased screen time and inactivity for kids and youth, our program will help Kids and Youth get involved in the real world and develop legitimate skills. That is our goal. With consistency and effort, it can happen. However, there is not a magic pill to develop skills. The Magic is no Magic. We encourage regular training and homework to develop significant skills. We want parents to be on the same page and encourage this effort and practice.

We certainly want Kids and Youth to enjoy the practice, but we don’t want to water it down just to make it like a birthday party. If they do train regularly, the friendships and bonds they create can be real and long lasting just like the skills on and off the mat will be undeniable.

Coach Simon demonstrates Mixed Martial Arts techniques to kids

Martial Arts Classes for Kids in Vancouver


Our practice for Kids Martial arts in Vancouver will include warmups, technique training and various types of sparring. We do emphasize a grappling heavy approach because that allows Kids and Youth to exchange spirited energy and effort.  So, we do a fair bit of No Gi Jiu-Jitsu/ Submission Wrestling.

We also have a Joint Club Discount with our partner in the Facility, Budo Jiu-Jitsu for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the Gi for some cross training.  For sparring the students will learn a progressive mixed martial arts approach. They will learn to integrate Muay Thai style striking to wrestling to Jiu-Jitsu ground fighting. With advances in Neurobiology and concerns of striking to the head, we take, as we always have, a controlled and progressive approach. We are careful. After a student has qualified to start sparring, we allow light contact to the sides of the headgear and straight shots to the face are stopped short but have the correct distance. We can have firmer contact to the body and legs after some time to get a realistic feel. We feel Martial Arts is the best for well-rounded skills that apply in the real world. Does your child want to join Kids Martial Arts Classes in Vancouver? Contact us.



My son has been in Martial Arts since he was 5 years old and was never fully satisfied with training at different Dojo's.

We moved him to Posener's Pankration back in November 2021, and he's loving every minute training with Simon. We have seen huge improvements in our son's health, conditioning, confidence, etc.

Simon is great with kids. It shows when our son tells us that Simon is the best instructor he's had so far!

-- Alex Gee


I fully enrolled my pre-K son long-term as Posener's Pankration after just the first day of the free week trial.

My son, who isn't even in Kindergarten yet, has been here less than a month, going every day where a class is available (3 per week currently).
He is a good, positive, kid with high energy, too much even.

I was concerned with how he'd behave once he got into Kindergarten coming from daycare, where there are many more children, and supervised by just one adult, compared to his current daily daycare (1 adult per 4 kids).
He's been in many other extracurricular programs for kids (various sports, language/education, dance/music, etc), and he's usually the most disruptive one, playing and doing his own thing rather than following instruction, to the point where for some programs, we've been politely asked not to re-enroll.

We decided to try martial arts and found Posener's Pankration nearby (no prior affiliation or recommendations given).

At Posener's, the owner/instructors have a long history of being in business, and working with/training students from a young age, this was important to me.

Also, there are much older kids in the class, with my son being by far the youngest, and my son is unable to entice them to childish/disruptive behavior.

My son is encouraged to have self-control and self-discipline just like the older kids.
He is disciplined for acting/speaking out of turn (a few pushups).
He is treated with respect and patience and is expected to return it.
In such a short time, he is behaving much better, following instruction, and is being made more aware and mindful of his surroundings in a public/social setting.

The results so far are amazing!

He's also learning valuable, martial arts skills from credible instructors.

I came in with no expectations, just possibilities, and I already have results.

I highly recommend Posener's Pankration.

-- Marcus Xiong


Our son has been in the program for 8 years starting at the age of 6. It is always difficult trusting your children with others, particularly in such a physical sport. Sensei Simon and the coaching staff have been top shelf. The teachings are high level and train the students in ALL aspects of Mixed Martial Arts. They push the students to apply what they have learned, not just going through the motions. But more importantly, teachings about self-awareness, conduct, discipline, and respect abound in the student's growth. These teachings carry the students in all aspects of their life. We have fully placed our trust in Sensei Simon and the coaching staff, and in return, they have helped our son develop into the confident, humble young man he is becoming.

-- Lorenzo Costantino

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