Adam P. Private Training for Kids MMA Vancouver at Posener’s MMA

Kids MMA Vancouver

Adam P.  Private Training for Kids MMA Vancouver at Posener’s MMA 

Kids MMA Vancouver

Kids MMA Vancouver

Adam Posener is now offering private lessons to Kids/Youth who want to improve their mixed martial arts.
Adam has good experience and has a desire to help others with their goals. He has done private training with others before with good results and we have decided to go back to that idea and continue to help others and foster a strong win/win relationship. Adam does assist in many classes at the dojo, participates in the Kids/Youth and adult classes, and is looking forward to helping a select few to improve. He is excited to help others achieve significant results. Of course the curriculum and concepts will be overseen by the head instructor, myself.
Kids MMA Vancouver

Kids MMA Vancouver

He is enthusiastic to help and this will help him in developing strong communication and well rounded perspectives on leadership. He has done well in coaching his peers and is ready to progress to the next level.
The prices are negotiable and  can start as low as $25 per hour. 
If you are interested, please let me know.
Here is some information on our Kids MMA Vancouver program:

To register for our self defence classes for kids in Vancouver, contact us – the best mixed martial arts school in Vancouver!

Vancouver’s Premier Mixed Martial Arts school for children and youths.

With special attention given to motor skill development, mental focusing attributes, and children’s inherent capabilities. Youth kickboxing Vancouver Children’s and Teen classes are designed to emphasize:


The development of these qualities and principals are given extra attention because they build a strong foundation in the three battles: the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit.If developed properly, then success is assured.

We engage in a brief zazen meditation at the beginning of each class to become present, focused and prepared for what is to come in the class, and, at the end of class, we meditate briefly to lock in the experiences, center our energy, and commit to continuing making progress. As a regular practice to enhance learning, we also repeat strongly the Tenets of the School, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit, at the end of each class to solidify the development of these qualities for Kids Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver.
Our Qualification Code, which is a form to be filled out by the parent and student for advancement in rank, for Kids MMA Vancouver at Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai, highlights that respect and school achievement, in addition to the development of combative skills in mixed martial arts, are highly valued, esteemed and developed.
The development of equanimity of spirit is also given special attention in order to deal with challenges well; especially in regards to winning and losing. The attributes of effort, determination, skill development and spirit are given special attention, as these qualities will lead to enduring success. The goal of truly doing one’s best, regardless of outcome, especially in regards to some combative sport applications, is given priority to help develop progress, growth and character. The consistent and continuous goal of making progress in all areas, both on the mat and off, will help develop a student’s full long term potential for Kids/Youth MMA Vancouver at Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai.