Back Training- One Month Update: Posener’s MMA Vancouver

One month Back MMA Vancouver

Back Training- One Month Update: Posener’s MMA Vancouver

One month Back MMA Vancouver

We are back. One Month Update: Posener’s MMA Vancouver


So, here we are BACK on the MATS. We re-opened in Phase 3 of this Pandemic after the July 1 ’21 Canada Day Long weekend. It has been awesome getting back on the mats reconnecting with students, friends and dojo family. We have had excellent attendance, enthusiasm and now skill development is back on track. It is also good to return to a productive schedule. The time off did allow for a Sabbatical time to reconsider our life, purpose and way; but now it is time to move forward. OSU!


MMA Vancouver

Update: Back one month Posener’s MMA Vancouver


I would like to give a huge shout out to Costa Rojas, the mat installing master, for installing the new mats in our new location, one half block away from the old location, at 3163 Kingsway Street in Vancouver, just off Rupert Street. Our Joint Club involvement with Budo, is going well and there is a synergistic energy, which is infectious. We are all looking forward to sharing the benefits of our excellent mixed martial arts program with those who are looking to develop skills in self defense, fitness, mental discipline and sport.


One Month Back MMA Vancouver

Glad to be back on the mats. One month Update: Posener’s MMA Vancouver


We are still doing class sign ups on our Facebook group page for students:

For new students and trials, please make an inquiry through the website and I will guide the new students through the initial process. This helps to keep our attendance balanced, which is working nicely. Thank you for the students for taking a few extra steps. As a side benefit, it does help with weekly planning, and that is useful for everyone.


Kids MMA Vancouver

Kids MMA Vancouver Posener’s Pankration


It has been great to have the Kids/Youth MMA Vancouver program back. Some former students are coming back and are keen and interestingly enough we have had quite a few new students join, who are enthusiastic and a great addition to our team. We are greatly looking forward to their growth and progress in mixed martial arts; developing skills both on and off the mat. We should always remember the ‘First Mind’ principle. It is certainly an honor and a privilege to help positively mold the next generation.

We also have a new website thanks to Stigan Media and our traffic is up significantly, 50% ‘ish’… on various measures.

Upcoming blog posts: 1. Gio prepares for his World Pro BFL MMA title and Oguzhan prepares to defend his Am BFL MMA title, then make some noise in the pro divisions. 2. Upcoming Black and Color Belt Test and higher level Black belt advancements, which are the results of many years of dedicated practice. 3. For our Personal Training Website: Update on  My Health Journey of taking the Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle up a level.

If you would like more information about our programs, or if you have any questions, please contact me through the website: