Gio 1st pro fight- KO rnd 1, 2nd pro fight 1st rnd RNC- MMA Vancouver

Gio 1st pro fight- KO rnd 1, 2nd pro fight 1st rnd RNC- MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

Gio 2nd pro MMA Vancouver

On March 19 ’21 Gio Platon made his Pro MMA Debut. He won by KO at the 27 second mark of the 1st round. Gio turned pro after defending the amateur MMA title.

All MMA Competitors deserve respect, as Mixed Martial Arts is a challenging and demanding discipline and sport. To step in the cage takes alot of courage, determination,  and many other attributes, as everyone is unique.

In his Pro debut Gio exchanged strikes with an experienced striker and came in determined. In an intense assault of mutually exchanged strikes where Gio ate a knee to the face, he said it tasted good and continued.  The fight ensued and Gio was able to land some crisp, powerful punches and he emerged victorious by KO at the 27 second mark of the first round.

In his second pro fight, Gio faces a tough opponent from a great camp, Team Tompkins, from Ontario. The two combatants want to go for it and exchange in the middle of the cage. Gio gets hit but stays focused on the objective and fires at the same time with a left hook, which drops his opponent. The fight does continue with Gio on top in the guard landing some GNP. The opponent, Matty, scrambles to his feet, Gio gets the back and attempts a takedown and control. However, Matty escapes and attempts his own takedown, which was almost successful but Gio puts on whizzer, balances and they end up with Gio against the cage. Matty exposes his neck and Gio had the presence of mind to attack the neck and then finishes with a nice RNC at the 1:37 second mark of the first Round.

The goal of becoming the BFL World Champion is in sight and the team is greatly looking forward to that challenge.

Posener's MMA Vancouver

Posener’s Pankration MMA Vancouver

We would like to thank the many supporters of this effort, Dan Golkar and the Scorpion Team, Tristan Connely and the Checkmat team, our awesome instructor team, the sponsors and all those who provide support and encouragement.

We will not linger too long at the table of success. We will get hungry again and look forward to the next challenge. OSU!

Here is some information about our Submission Wrestling program and classes:


Vancouver’s ultimate Submission Wrestling training for: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Self Defense, Fitness, Mental Discipline and Sport.

Our Submission Wrestling classes utilize techniques adapted from free-style wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu – BJJ Vancouver, “Catch-as-catch-can” (Folk American wrestling), Catch Wrestling, Shoot wrestling, Sambo, and Judo. These techniques are modified to be applicable for Pankration, MMA fighting (Mixed Martial Arts) and Submission wrestling as a sport. Our submission wrestling classes are a subsection of our Pankration curriculum.

It is the blending of our striking within the grappling context that makes our style unique and distinctive.
Whether it is the blending of striking and grappling to and from clinching, to take-downs, to ground fighting with submissions, our style is geared towards practicality.

Since our style and curriculum has a broad range of techniques, the individual student has the ability and potential to express their skills to the fullest degree.

Our classes provide an excellent physical workout developing muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio vascular fitness and flexibility. In the process of training and getting in great shape, the student will be learning techniques that are useful for self-defense and sport.

Our classes are taught by experienced martial artists emphasizing discipline and respect with the aim of helping the student achieve their goals while enjoying the process and developing camaraderie. Many of the students and instructors have been successful using the school’s style in pankration/mixed martial arts and submission wrestling / No Gi BJJ competition.

Here is a link to our newly re-vamped website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai, @ Submission Wrestling