Tabitha Tam Testimonial for Posener's Kid's MMA Vancouver

Posener's Kid's MMA Vancouver

Tabitha Tam Testimonial for Posener’s Kid’s MMA Vancouver

Posener's Kid's MMA Vancouver

Posener’s Kid’s MMA Vancouver


The art of Zezen, literally means “seated meditation”. The mind, body and spirit is all one. With clear thought comes peace and calmness.


My child has attended Poseners for aboout 3 years’, initially she was a bundle of chaos mentally, and a raging ball energy physically. It would been easier to catch a charging bull barehanded than to have her sit down, stay quiet and listen to instructions.


At the beginning and end of each class, be it youth or adult, there is a moment of zezen, this is bring inner peace and calmness. The individual sits on their feet, hands on their thighs, closes thier eyes and breathes deep.


At the last tournament of August 2018, she was called to the mat and asked to wait for her opponent. To our surprise, she sat in Zezen and waited for about 3 minutes till her opponent showed. After winning her tournament, we asked what she was doing before the match. Her reply; I was relaxing and visualizing my match.


Thanks to Sensei Simons’ (and staff) patience and time invested, our child is now more patient than ever, listens to her parents instructions, agrees without much whining (can’t get away with all whining) and overall a more mature child.
Thank you to Poseners and their instructors.