Adam Posener Wins MMA Debut 58s RNC – Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Adam Posener RITC Rnd 1 sub

Adam Posener Wins MMA Debut 58s RNC – Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Adam Posener RITC Rnd 1 sub

Adam Posener wins his MMA debut at RITC by standing RNC at 58 s rnd 1 Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Rumble in the Cage 63 in Alberta

We travelled to Lethbridge Alberta for Rumble in the Cage, RITC 63, on Thursday September 29 ’22..It was a nice long drive in a high performance machine that took around 12 hours to complete, allowing some time to prepare mentally. Adam had to cut only a small number of pounds for the 170 pound Welterweight limit because he was certainly aware of his diet, portion control and athletic needs. So we sweated it out and made weight for the fight on Friday. All good.. Time to eat, rest and get ready for the MMA fight..

On Saturday we trained a bit before the venue to rehearse and prepare for an automatic response and prepare him to “Fight his Fight”

Here is a description of the fight:

The round started with a mutual glove touch. It was a small ‘ish’ cage. Adam started with a low inside roundhouse kick, which Jabar countered with some punches, that Adam anticipated, and he changed levels quickly and efficiently securing the single leg take down.. Adam establishes top half guard and does some ground and pound. Jabar then struggles to get to his feet and Adam is able to secure the back, which became exposed in the get up.. Adam takes Jabar down with a back heel trip, Jabar gets up urgently but is returned to the mat again. With only time to get one hook in before Jabar stands up again,  Adam was able to secure the position by crossing his legs and getting the “High ball ride” position. Adam goes for the neck, hand fights a bit, Jabar keeps his chin down but Adam is able to secure the standing RNC finish at 58 seconds of round 1 for his MMA Debut victory.


Adam Posener RITC Rnd 1 sub

Adam Posener RITC Round 1 sub. Standing RNC ‘high ball ride’ Posener’s MMA Vancouver


Adam Posener RITC victory Shoutu

Adam Posener RITC victory Shout . Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Some sincere and heartfelt thanks are in order. It has been quite a journey since Adam started training almost 13 years ago. Our awesome instructor team of George Kassimatis, and Costa Rojas who have trained him, supported him, encouraged him since he was an infant, have been extraordinary and words can not express my appreciation…. They helped to form the foundation of skills, principles, and Martial arts ethics…. Adam has also gained tremendously in the last 2 1/2 years of cross training in BJJ with Matt Kwan at On Guard BJJ. Matt has incredible knowledge and passion for competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Adam has benefited greatly, and taken his ground game to the next level(s) with his high level expertise. Adam has also studied extensively the instructional videos of John Danaher and Gordon Ryan. These instructional videos have helped his BJJ mechanics.


Adam Posener RITC 63 Hand raised

Adam Posener RITC 63 Hand raised. Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Also, in the last 3 1/2 months Adam has cross trained at Revolution  with the help of the Pro Fight Team there taught by Cole Smith.  He has also trained at Universal MMA run by Dejan Kajic, which has been awesome for him. This experience with the BC Team has been a tremendous benefit through exposure to high level MMA fighters, a positive group environment, and excellence in instruction and application of skills. He has enjoyed the training and journey and meeting and becoming friends with the many members of the BC Team. I truly thank them for what they do.

Adam Posener RITC 63 Finishing Position Standing RNC ‘High Ball Ride’

We look forward to the next steps and the upcoming challenges.. Huge OSU!

Simon Posener

Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai

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