Day 1 Tiger Balm Intl's March 17 '12 MMA Vancouver

Day 1 Tiger Balm Internationals March 17 ’12 MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver


Posener’s Pankration and Muay Thai5 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze: Chris Katsiamitis: 1st jr.  BJJ, 1st jr. Sanshou, 2nd jr. Submission Wrestling, 3rd jr. MMA due to disqualification, Dimitri Katsiamitis: 2nd jr. Submission Wrestling, 3rd jr.  MMA, Paul Perperidis: 1st jr.  MMA, Andrew Devlin: 1st intermediate Submission Wrestling, Francis Tiapis: 1st Submission Wrestling, Stefan Hawes 1st Intermediate Submission Wrestling with 3-4 minute rounds( an interesting addition), Kenny Lush: 3rd Submission Wrestling. Honorable mention to Martin Kwiatkowski who did a good match against a good opponent losing on points, and Andrew Priddle Higson who won one and lost getting fourth place, which was good for his first time out. I am proud of all the competitors for their performance, good attitude, energy and efforts. A big fat OSU! and I look forward to further progress. This was one of the better outings at this level of tournament in recent memory. Day 2 coming up for Kickboxing, and Pankration.

There were a number of different competitions on this day. Submission Wrestling is a component of our MMA Vancouver program, which is complemented by our Muay Thai Kickboxing. On this day Andrew Devlin takes the Gold in the intermediate division. Andrew has excellent wrestling skills, constantly improving submission and Jiu jitsu skills and is working hard on his Muay Thai skills. One of Andrew’s goals is to go into a mma cage fight. My usual rule is for students to compete in Muay Thai and Submission wrestling and then venture into the mma arena. This approach helps to develop a well rounded approach. Andrew is also recently engaged and just bought his first home. When things settle for him, we can look forward to greater training and the pursuit of his mma goals.

There was also a Sanshou competition, which is basically Kickboxing and Wrestling with a few specific unusual rules. Sanshou is similar to our Shootboxing program. However, our shootboxing classes do not have some of the specific idiosyncratic rules that Sanshou does. It is a fun sport that helps bridge the strikers into mma with the acquisition of the wrestling applications.

There was also mma competition where students got a chance to put everything together, which is the ultimate in martial sport. 5 golds, 2 silver and 3 bronze was a pretty good outing for us at MMA Vancouver.