Rank Certifications-MMA, Muay Thai @ MTSC- Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Posener's Muay Thai/ MMA Vancouver

Rank Certifications-MMA, Muay Thai @ MTSC- Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Posener's Muay Thai/ MMA Vancouver

Muay Thai Certs Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Congratulations to the students who advanced in their rank in MMA, Muay Thai, Muay Thai Skills and Conditioning, and Kids/Youth MMA from Posener’s Pankration/ MMA Vancouver.

Here are the complete results: ( Not everyone is in the pics) Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Adult MMA: Paul Perperidis- Green belt, Will Akpan – Orange belt, Andrew Wong – Orange belt,

 Muay Thai: Matthew Ryan – Green belt, Will Akpan – Orange belt, Angelo Pupo – Orange belt, Darcy Rail – Orange belt, Andrew Wong – Orange belt, Max Garcia – Yellow, Zizhen Guo- Yellow belt, Patricia Loo-Xoo – Yellow belt, Melissa Schellenberg- Beaver – Yellow belt, Jacob Coatta – Yellow belt, Ivan Rios – Yellow belt, Branko Todorovski – Yellow belt, Giovanni Rivera – Yellow belt, Shan Ali – Yellow belt, Immanuel Chicanot – Yellow belt,

Muay Thai Skils and Conditioning- Posener's MMA Vancouver

Muay Thai Skills and Conditioning Certs- Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Muay Thai Skills and Conditioning – Angelo Pupo – Level 4, Dino Angelucci – Level 4, Patricia Loo-Xu – Level 3, Nina Matsumoto – Level 3,  Judy Wu – Level 3, Shan Ali – Level 2, Melanie Yu – Level 2, Leah Reddington – Level 2, Elycia Ren – Level 2,

Kids/Youth MMA Certs for Posener's MMA Vancouver

Kids/Youth MMA Certs for Posener’s MMA Vancouver

Kids/Youth MMA: Luis Vagas – Orange belt, Alex Gee – Orange belt, Aimee Chu – Orange belt, Mohammed Abu Malouh – Orange belt, Nicholas Burke – Orange belt, Athen Tran – Orange belt, and Lexi Tran – Orange belt.

Adult MMA Certs Sep '22 for Posener's MMA Vancouver

Adult MMA Certs Sep ’22 for Posener’s MMA Vancouver

** I would like to thank the students for their involvement, energy, and progress. It is great and important to see honest effort and legitimate skills. It is our goal for students, as the certificates state, to continue diligent study to further progress in martial arts. Everyone is tested on their own progress and we encourage everyone to pursue their highest potential on and off the mat… *** I would also like to thank our awesome instructor team: George Kassimatis, Costa Rojas, Andrew De Leon ( Grandma Sally), Gus Rodriquez ( Aunt Martha) and, of course, Adam Posener ( Uncle Ralph).

Here is a reprint of our Purpose of Testing:

The Purpose of Testing for Posener’s MMA Vancouver

The Purpose of Testing

  • Progress Check:- To pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses. To learn to turn the weakness into strengths and to make the strong points stronger.
  • Provide Reinforcement:-  (internally and externally) Internally, personal satisfaction upon achievement and externally, the receipt and status of belt and certificate.
  • Teaches Goal Setting and Achievement:- Discipline and Application of martial concepts are needed. “To plan your work and work your plan.”
  • Rules: 1. All start at the bottom
  • 2. Everyone works
  • 3. Nothing is Free.
  • Counterpoint: “Training is its own reward.”

Purpose of Test
By James Keating

We have testing because we wish to go beyond the normal levels of skill. To undergo such rigors is symbolic of fighting for one’s very life. An ancient ritual of survival where one earns the right to exist and enter into a lifelong struggle for self-perfection and enlightenment. When each test is successfully completed we do not see an end, but rather a beginning. A new starting point for our inner-selves. Every test is separate and unique. To compare tests is to miss the basic premise of the martial arts. The “individual spirit” must always be placed before the physical and mental limitations. We are taught to have personal and social balance; to stand with confidence and poise. This individuality is what eventually leads to mastery, a process of self-realization. One should always train hard with control and respect. We are being tested on many levels besides just the conquering of foes.

Testing is not always a physical matter, sometimes it is a “right of passage” via daily life. Look deeply into your concepts of rank, testing and related endeavors. Win, lose, pass or fail you must conduct yourself in a manner befitting a warrior at all times. Whether testing or being tested, you need only to practice with all your being and nothing shall come between you and your dream.

Here is our Personal Training Website: Posener’s Ultimate Personal Training Website

Here is our MMA Website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling

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