Upcoming Events: List from March 6'12 Kickboxing Vancouver and MMA

Upcoming Events: List from March 6’12: Kickboxing Vancouver and MMA

Kickboxing Vancouver

Kickboxing Vancouver


Posener’s Pankration/MMA and Muay thaiSaturday and Sunday March 17/18’12:  Tiger Balm Internationals: Kickboxing, Pankration/MMA, Submission Wrestling.

Saturday March 24’12: Kai Singthong: Joe Halfar for  Canadian Muay Thai Supermiddleweight title and Jonas Kwiatkowski for the B.C. Muay Thai Heavy weight title.

Saturday March 31’12: Adults Pankration Test at 12:30 pm.

Saturday March 31’12: A.M.A. challenge fights at the Fraseview Hall: Kevin Lam for Muay Thai.

Saturday April 6 ’12: Instructor’s meeting at 1 pm. All instructors should attend with binder. Assistant instructor’s can also attend.

Friday April 27’12: Adult Muay Thai Testing @7pm.

Saturday April 28 ’12:Jr.Pankration/MMA testing at 11 am.

Friday May 24’12:Quest for Glory 4. MMA and Muay Thai. Matching for all fighters including Emilio Ditrocchio.

Saturday June 9 ’12: Instructor’s Testing at 12:30 pm.

Saturday June 16’12:Junior Black Belt Testing in Pankration/MMA at 11:00 am.  

We have a number of items on the agenda. One to highlight is our instrucor’s meeting. I have the honour and privilege to have have taught the instructor’s of the school, and they really honour me and the style by their loyalty and support. A number of them have been with me for over 20 years. Paul Gibbons is the longest active training student and instructor. Paul is a 3rd degree black belt in the system and has been training for over 20 years at our Kickboxing Vancouver and Pankration/MMa  school. Paul has incredible skill, toughess and combative ability. He is also incredibly generous with his time and support. He has frequently offered to teach the classes for enjoyment of the art and support to the school, which I do appreciate very much. Paul has a well rounded skill set of Pankration/MMA and Kickboxing Vancouver skills. He is currently teaching the Muay Thai Kickboxing and Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing classes. He also helps with the Kids Pankration/MMA and the adult Pankration/MMA classes. In all the years I have been teaching and training, which is now almost 35 years, Paul has been one of the best on many levels.He is known for his high intensity hard workouts because he really enjoys getting in the mode, working hard and taking the practice to a high level. When he was younger he competed in Kickboxing tournaments, which he always won, and the Sabaki Satellite tournament, which is a style of striking of kickboxing, Karate and Judo combined together in a full contact style. Paul’s main emphais in training is Self Defense, Fitness and Mental Discipline.

Kickboxing Vancouver

Kickboxing Vancouver