October and November Events '12 for MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

MMA Vancouver

October and November Events ’12 for MMA Vancouver

October 13/14 ’12: Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships: B.C.I.T.- Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling.

October 20 ’12:  Jr. Pankration/MMA testing @ 11 am.

November 17 ’12: Songlith Singthong Muay Thai Event at the Maritime Labor Center

November 30 ’12:  AMA Fights at the Fraserview Hall- MMA and Muay Thai.

(Scheduled Fighters on the books: Victor Wang, Kevin Lam, Francis Tiapis, Victor Tiapis, Franco Palines, Martin Kwiatkowski, Alex Apareschevei, Joe Halfar-schedule permitting ).

Adult Pankration/MMA Testing: TBA.

Cardio Muay Thai Evaluations: Currently underway and almost completed.

Quite a few events are in the works here. The picture is somewhat nostalgic, as it shows Victor after he wins his first muay thai fight. Now he has a 9-3-1 record in Muay Thai and a 2-2 record in Pankration/ MMA Vancovuer. The events here represent further the school’s focus of mma vancouver. The school is involved in mma, muay thai, submission wrestling and cardio muay thai kickboxing. Our Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing program is somewhat unique in that we offer free level testing to ensure progress based on time and skill level. Certificates are awarded to students based on number of classes attended, skills demonstrated and fitness levels improved. The students are assesed on their own improvement. Basing a students improvement and advancement on their own levels further compliments and exemplifies the philosophy of our school of personal development.