Students of the Month for Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver for June '12.

Students of the Month for Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver for June ’12

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Muay Thai Vancouver

 Students of the Month for June ’12: Adults: Highest attender and strong performance and attitude- Kevin Lam, Jr. Pankration/MMA: Highest attender and strong attitude for a beginner- Harlan Nguyen, Cardio Muay Thai: Highest attender, strong performance, full contact muay thai fight and participation in both curriculums – Elaine Fung. Great work, keep it up and encourage. OSU!
Kevin Lam has been practising mixed martial arts for a few years now. He has achieved success in Muay Thai and Kickboxing tournaments. He currently has a record of 4-1 in Muay Thai Kickboxing Vancouver. Kevin also enjoys the occasional practice of Pankration/MMA but he is focusing on training and the sport of Muay Thai more lately. We will see what the future holds for his mma practice. He does have a natural aptitude for the practice and with little technical training is able to go with the flow in mma very well against more experienced practitioners. Exemplifying the philosophy of the school and achieving success both on and off the mat, Kevin has recently graduated from BCIT in a course of metal fabrication. The future is bright for this 19 year old, who has a maturity and demeanour far beyond his chronological age. Good work Kevin. Keep it up! OSU!
Elaine Fung, our other student of the month, is now one of the Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing instructors. She has competed well in full contact Muay Thai Kickboxing tournaments. At the age of 35, she has shown that age is a number and not a detractor for achievement, due to her resolute spirit. She is also an avid fitness enthusiast and sets a great example for all those who do the fitness based Cardio Muay Thai Kickboxing course. Due to her example, in part, many of the more combat oriented practitioners also practice in the Cardio Muay Thai  course and receive excellent technical instruction and excellent fitness benefits; they just don’t engage in full contact or hard sparring. I personally want to thank Elaine for her involvement in the program and as an instructor of the Cardio MuayThai Kickboxing course. She is positive, always eager to learn and a benefit for many. Congratulations Elaine. OSU!