Philosophy of a Champion -B.Urquidez for Martial Arts Vancouver

Philosophy of a Champion for Martial Arts Vancouver

-By Benny “The Jet” Urquidez

  • Never change what works
  • Grasp whatever you can, be open-minded about everything
  • Learn what you want to learn, but never close your mind to something different
  • Knowing yourself helps you to know others
  • Never stop learning, never limit yourself to what you think you may attain
  • To be in 100% physical shape you must first be in 100% mental shape
  • Respect your judgment. Remember, you cannot fool yourself
  • Take defeat as a process of learning
  • Never degrade yourself by thinking negatively
  • If you lose, figure out why you lost and find the defenses which will help you next time
  • In and out of the ring the secret of a Martial Artist is to control his anger
  • There is no time for being old-fashioned. One must progress
  • Learn to train your mind to be ahead of your body
  • Beat the pain mentally and you can go on forever
  • Don’t try to be just as good as somebody else; strive to be better
  • The way you train is the way you react.

**I started studying this philosophy from one of the world’s greatest champions over 25 years ago.  He was ahead of his time and the principles in this philosophy are excellent and applicable in today’s Mixed Martial Arts environment.  For students it is highly recommended that you think about applying these principles, as it will be a benefit to you in your practice.  OSU!
Every principle has deep meaning. For example, Knowing yourself helps you to know others has roots in Eastern philosophical practices of meditation of various types. These qualities or understandings facilitate compassion because we realize even with our differences there are many similarities; and it is useful in combat because it helps us read our opponent.
The principle of being in 100 % physical shape and requiring 100% mental shape is illuminating for people because they do not see the inter-relatedness of the mind body and spirit. Also, for example to highlight the concept here, being in 100% physical shape requires a good degree of mental discipline.
Studying these principles and applying them will help your development and progress on and off the mat and assist in our Martial Arts Vancouver program at Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling, No gi Jiu-jitsu, Cardio Kickboxing and Weapons.

Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver

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