Nutrition Ideas for Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Vancouver

 Nutrition Ideas for Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Vancouver

Energy in > Energy out = Gain Weight

Energy in < Energy out = Lose Weight

*factor in metabolism, energy expenditure & athletic goals

In order to perform at peak levels athletically, one needs to have proper diet with quality natural nutritional supplements. Athletes have special nutritional demands and needs which are often not met adequately with their diet, and therefore, require natural performance enhancing supplements. In the past ten years or so there has been a sports nutrition revolution, and regarding diet it is vital to get pertinent, well documented empirical information from experts in the field. Do not be tricked by gimmicky fads popularized in the media. Proper diet and nutrition can give you an edge over your competition.
Dr. Robert Haas brought accurate. Verifiable sports nutrition to the public in his book “Eat to Win”. His book was revolutionary to the public, and deals with proper diet, supplementation, and shatters many previous myths and misconceptions people have had, even experts of the pest, in regards to sports nutrition. By following the “Eat to Win” method, I have found these percentages useful for me:
1. Complex Carbohydrates 50% – 60% of diet

  • The major constituent of your diet
  • Calorie dilute: high volume – low calories
  • Ex. Spaghetti, pasta, brown rice, potatoes, ceraeals, grains, and some vegetables
  • Take it easy on the fatty garnishes for this food group
  • They are metabolized easily by your body for energy

2. Simple Carbohydrates 5% – 10% of diet

  • Known as sweets
  • Simple carbohydrates are metabolized much too quickly by themselves, and leave you with less energy
  • Fructose is superior to sucrose because it is a longer chain carbohydrate
  • *a large Coke has approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar

3. Protein 30% – 40% of diet

  • Choose good quality proteins that are low in fat
  • Combine low fat animal protein with vegetable protein
  • Amino acid supplementation is useful to ensure the proper proportion of essential  to non-essential amino acids
  • Amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, are responsible for muscular repair and growth
  • Choose proteins and supplements with high Protein Efficiency Ration (PER). These proteins are used more effectively by the body. (ex. Egg albumen, whites only, have a high PER.)
  • Excess protein is converted by the body into fat and sugar and then stored
  • Protein metabolism releases toxic waste products (ammonia) which contribute to the final product of protein metabolism. Urea, also a toxic substance. This causes your liver and kidneys to work harder to detoxify these potential poisons
  • * Body builders may require some extra protein

If interested in peak performance, try to eat a moderate amount of complex carbohydrate, moderate protein, and low fat diet with quality supplements.
Ideally, the best indicator of your health and nutritional state is a blood chemistry profile, which provides measure of the vital values of:

1. Total Cholesterol
2. HDL – high density lipoproteins
3. Glucose
4. Tri-glycerides, blood fats
5. Uric acid

Fitness Vancouver

Fitness Vancouver

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Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Vancouver at Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai and Jiu-jitsuhermore, there are numerous natural performance enhancing supplements that you can take ranging from vitamin/mineral supplements , amino acids, lipotropics (burn fat), erogenic acids (to increase energy), and complex carbohydrate (ie. Malto-dextrin and Metacarb), which can give you an edge. It is now widely accepted that proper diet with supplementation can improve athletic performance, retard aging, limit the harmful effects of toxins and pollutants, increase immunity to disease and infection, and increase energy and vitality.
* Excerpts from “Eat to Win” – by Dr. Robert Haas

[Material taken from the student handbook of Kel Lee’s Academy of Martial Arts and Posener’s Pankration (Vancouver, BC, circa 1990.)]