Qualification Requirements for Belt Promotions- and description for Martial Arts Vancouver

Qualification Requirements for Belt Promotions and description for Martial Arts Vancouver

1. Attend classes regularly -min 2/wk.                    Y/N

2. Learn and practice the school philosophy       Y/N

3. Show improvements in:

     a) School or workplace     Y/N

     b) Physical fitness      Y/N

     c)Community or family service    Y/N

4. Sponsor a new member.                    Y/N

5. Has continued to demonstrate respect to parents, teachers and family members. (Junior students)        Y/N

6. Has submitted a list of 5 worthwhile goals.       Y/N

At the bottom of the form are spaces to be signed and dated by student, parent, if applicable, and Head Judge.

Explanation:(too add clarity, awareness and emphasis)

1. Regular training is critical. Our school does provide opportunities for students to practice multiple times per day in a variety of disciplines. Discipline is the key. If someone is consistent, a minimum being 2 times per week, as a general rule, good results are ensured.

2. The philosophy is what separates martial arts from mere  sport. Although sport can be a part of martial arts, philosophy is what emphasizes benefits on and off the mat. Our central tenet: ‘We are a mixed martial arts style emphasizing traditional philosophy.’, highlights this importance in our style.  The art and the discipline should create an ideal of excellence in all endeavors that one puts their mind to.

3. Improvement is the name of the game. A student is expected to improve. Whether they are beginning and making large widespread improvements in their life or whether they are a seasoned practitioner, it is expected that the mindset is to improve.

4. Sponsoring a new member is a way to show respect and pass on benefits to others. Since it expected that a student will benefit and improve, it is important to have a concept of benevolence and pass on benefits to others. That is also why some students as they progress are expected to help others in instruction and set a good example. This will help the society in general. As our goal is to develop  and not be abusive or offensive  and not do things that would detract from our personal development, this benefit should be passed on to others for their benefit, which would certainly strengthen the community. If this occurs and people are actively pursuing personal development, there will be lower incidences of drugs, crime, violence, poor self-esteem, wasted time and potential etc.

5. This particular point applies particularly to the Junior students.  Respect is exemplified in the bow, which begins martial arts practice. Juniors are expected to learn and practice respect. The benefit of respect is typically good behavior, harmony, and concentration on doing what is expected and required whether it be at home, school, or conduct with family members.

6. Submitting a list of 5 goals helps the head instructor know what is important to you and this helps him help the student be more successful, which is what the school’s purpose is.  Writing the list of goals also helps to incorporate that practice, of goal setting, into the students mind. Goal setting can also be considered a discipline and an art.  Goals are important in providing direction and creating success.

*All these explanations, which are relatively brief, help to point out that this art is encompassing and is geared to be holistic and develop well-rounded individuals in martial arts skill and in life skills. The goal, in general is to develop the student to be the best fighter, martial artist and person they can be; to help the student achieve their full potential in our Martial Arts Vancouver program.Martial Arts Vancouver at Posener’s Pankration, Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling

Martial Arts Vancouver

Martial Arts Vancouver