Training Tips – General for Adult Pankration/MMA and Kids MMA Vancouver

Training Tips – Generalfor Adult Pankration/MMA and Kids MMA Vancouver

Martial Arts supplementary training is dependent on your creativity, goals, drive, and desire. To get, you have to give – energy , awareness, time, and sweat. Remember that repetition develops deep learning in the muscles and nerves and works towards developing an automatic response – Mushin. Through your extra training strive to develop the mind, body, and spirit. **There are a lot of activities you could do to supplement your martial arts training. The training is your first priority.  The strength and conditioning courses Costa Rojas is teaching is a good method to augment your physical abilities which will have a resultant benefit on your practice.  The art is the practice and its pursuit in developing various individual results.  It is recommended for beginners to train a minimum of 2-3 times per week in class, although you could train multiple times per day in classes on the unlimited program and it is recommended that the student do homework when they don’t come to class.  For homework you could do some of the activities listed below.  Other activities like yoga, swimming, weight lifting, strength and conditioning, and other methods are sometimes useful as supplements for your training but not substitutions for your training; that is an important distinction for a true martial artist.


1 ) Calisthenics – use the Black Belt Physical Requirements as a guide

2 ) Technique Repetition
– Practice single and combinations
-Grappling drills: many solo drills are excellent for conditioning and develop motions that are beneficial in practice.
– Set a goal number and do it
– Use the curriculum Video to work on techniques for your level and review basics in more detail
3 ) Running – Jog, run, wind sprint, run with various footwork drills, stairs, sand, trails, etc.
4 ) Skipping – Practice your footwork and timing with various skipping exercises. Develop intensity by building speed.
5 ) Bag Training – Practice singles and combinations. Rounds.
6 ) Focus Pads/Shields – Singles and combinations. Rounds.
7 ) Shadow Movements – All techniques of kicking, punching, trapping and grappling in rounds.
8 ) Flexibility – stretching all body parts and balance/strength training with leg extensions drills (with and without leg  weights)
9 ) Weight Training – circuit, pyramid, for strength and/or endurance
10 ) Situationals – Slow, full speed  and power, dynamic tension, forward, backward, left and right. (Use repetition to develop spirit and discipline.) *Use the curriculum Video.
** If you keep your goals in mind and revise them periodically, your martial arts skill and style will continue to improve. It is recommended to write your goals down and detail the way to achieve them. “Remember: Dreams become reality when the dreaming part stops. ” -P. Urban.  OSU!

Kids MMA Vancouver

Kids MMA Vancouver

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